Help From the Fade

Help from the fade,
Contemplative in the moment,
From the moment,
Many moments past.

Mistakes made,
Choices,faults and errors.
From a broken mind.
Once broken, now ready to be free.
Helped in the being,
For the,
With the,

The past,
A completed chapter, never “over” but passed.
Relegated and confined,
Remembered and forgotten.
With all the thinking.

Ready to forge on.
To rise as it all falls.
The shadows fall around,
I won’t kneel.
Standing tall.

Never to stop,
Caring for those of good.
Forgetting, the demons of the past,
Forgetting? No.

Demons fail, sink back into their shadows,
To hold their regrets.
I shan’t care,
Not for all the pain.

Closure, help to forget.
To erase the mind from the faults of all my past.
Only to learn.
Greater things will come,
A world,
Kind, good and nice,
With my own making,
The people I find,
And the kind, the only ones to keep.

Sadness grips with the memories of the past,
But also not.
A past, with its feelings.
Not worth feeling, remembering.

The lesson, all tried to teach me.
Hold dear, those who care,
Offering kindness unto the world.
The rest, time will forget.
All will forget,
Without regret.

Time moves on,
Kindness and care, the only worth to be found.
To be found,
In unexpecting places.
Better ones.

The only ones of worth.

But that’s it,
The help from the fade.
A making,
Within the flames of living.

Climbing high,
As it all recedes below.
Without a care,
Without the sun-shine.

This is the help,
Help from the fade.

Writing this, my American friend, asked, cares and asked how I’ve been, writing a long answer, for me thinking of the past, present and future. Giving me hope and happiness, reminded of the dark, the demons passed. Gives me hope.

Getting into a lot of photography, daily, and here is one I had taken.