Make Its Worth

Making its worth in the face of the dark,

Forming and raging.
Standing and staying.

Making its worth,
Forming from nothingness,
Reminder of the past,
Formed through the fire and the flames,
Breaking until known,
Till it cannot be felt.

Mixed day, feeling good now I guess. People pissing me off and making me not aware whether it’s my overthinking. Highlighting the problem with my memory, lingering while events for others fade and leaves me remembering and thinking of something that has passed for others.

But ended with chats with awesome people and stuff. A reminder that some shit can be good.

Can’t be bothered putting any effort or care or worth in people who are toxic, they’ll just drown in their own toxicity.

Poem drifted across ideas and tbh isn’t finished, lost interest as I am distracted.

Calmly Looking Up

It is,
Calmly looking up,
Gone and falling as the pondering passes,
Done, it is,
All reached not final conclusion,
But another.

Calm in the moment,
Empty but at peace,
Being in simple autonomy,
Living out and within,
Being, time, it all.

It is,
As it is calmly looking up,
Through pain and struggle,
Clawing my way,
But here. Somehow.

Been a while since writing a post, been pondering, work has been good recently, feeling better about lots of stuff, lots of stuff fixed and sorted and took more photography today, see the post photo.

Things are looking up, calmly, only little by little. But yeah.

Nice meeting lots of new people recently and hanging out with friends also recently.