Little Wonders

Little wonder,
The path taken,
From those not chosen.
Materialised from chance,
From a multitude of paths not taken.
Reality collapsing to one actuality.

Little wonders,
This life,
The times,
Little moments on moments,
Chances by chances,
Times in the moment,
Of reality,
From existence.

A world wrapped in uncertainty,
Then memory,
My reality.

So many moments,
In and of the world.
Chances that could have been mixed,
Chances taken.

It is.
These times,
Out in the midnight breeze,
The lights shining all around,
Yet also the dark beauty of the night,
Accompanied by the sounds of the night.

Little wonders,
Only but a part,
A time,
Wonders of and in the world.
Shining on me,
Showing me a place.

Wrote this, went on a last-minute, spur-of-the-moment photography walk at night, and on this an old friend, the girl I met on a random walk, chatted tonnes walking the opposite direction from the path I was taken to rescue a hurt bird with her. It was really really nice and as with everything, reminds me of every moment. Chatted for a while tonight on my walk, was nice, was unexpected. But was really nice.

An alright day, but the walk, photography and chat to this friend has definitely made my day.