For the times, even in the dark,
Within the darkness,
Keeping a light shining bright.
A light of hope,
Hoping for all the best,
For the world to find,
Care always given,
Even if to behidden deep.

So many memories,
Wished to be relieved.
Now for the truth come to,
Yet on shaky ground, within my own mind.

The chance encounter,
Hoping for all the best,
The sun rising on life,

Hope, care for humanity,
But a part,
Within my mind,
Wanting to hide away.

Without regret.
With only hope for the best.

Something I cannot help.

And not knowing if I would change,
I am without regret.

The past,
The pain beginning to fade,
But even now,
Without regret.

I was once broken,
But always wanting to help,
Wanting to,
Help the broken and fractured souls of the world.
Never giving up,
Never giving as much as I want.
But I always try.

Care for the world,
Being alone, empty, hurt and in despair.
Always wanting,
To help,
To not leave another in that state.

I, in this caring state.
Unregretful, for caring,
For trying to help,
For the hope and best wishes given, even if hidden from sight.

For this, I have no regret,
Being, caring, hoping and making.
To find and hold all the best in this world.
No matter the darkness headed this way.
I am unregretful,
Knowing, making.

And here I am.
Without the slightest regret.
Glad to know and be.
To be and care,
Even if hidden from all.
I continue on. And on.
For it all.
The moments, memories,
The good and bad,
Knowing, I am.
Caring, trying and being.
Here I stand.

Feeling happy, unbelievably happy. Pondering, contemplative. Thinking. Haven’t written something so heartfelt, meaningful and with clarity in a very long time. Happy and at peace.

A conversation with a friend a few days ago, put things into perspective, something going on for a while but I haven’t realised. Every aspect, work, home, friends, strangers, my caring nature and empathy. Even realising this fully when I mentioned helping over 4 people online, who I’ve never met, messaging them, listening random strangers without need or being made to. But I do, I’m glad, helping, to listen when sad, to listen when alone and the world is so crushing. Random people who I listen to and help, may not be much kindness. But, in my dark past, it would have meant the world, and it did on those few occasions.

Even staff feedback at work, people above and below me, noticing my care, help and assistance and empathy, even when I don’t notice it myself.

Feeling unbelievably happy and contemplative but so very happy. Here is a picture I took on a photography trip for all day on Monday.