Odd But Good Times

Odd but good times,
In how they are made,
Made and pass.

Feeling at home,
At home and free,
Surprised to feel,
In a world once so cold.
Getting stronger everyday,
Reflecting in this world.
So much seen,
So much,
So far.

And here I am.
Here I’ve found,
Wanting to bring,
To try,
To help souls;
Lost and in the dark.
A debt I owe, for myself,
To try.
To keep fighting those bad times,
Keep fighting.

To find.

And here I am,
Having fought to find.
Fought, embraced, and come to know,
My demons,
As they stood and stared.
Till they, relegated to the past.
They, stay in the past.

Having to keep on the fight.
To keep.
While I try.
To help,
Through empathy,
An open doorway,
A doorway,
To feel, to see.
A world not my own.
But also just so.
Collective feeling,
Collective hardship.
The living,
Of and within humanity.

Never to leave my side,
Never to leave my mind.

Trying to give,
Help and to keep dear.

In these odd and good times,
I continue to feel.
Continue to be and see.

A world perfect in imperfection.
Perfect, just to be and see.

A world there,
Just to be felt.

Just feeling good and pondering, happy, the picture is another one I took.

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