Looking Out, Over Into

As I stand in this moment,
Looking out into,
A world broken,
But at peace,
With the darkness in sight,
In the midnight light.

The mind,
The darkness,
The careful walk,
The knowing tread,
Towards and into.

Looking out at the lights any they looking back.

Into the beyond.
Beyond it all.
And all is left is black,
But that’s fine,
That’s to be expected,
From one who chooses to tread.
Into the darkness ahead.
An unconscious choice,
Always trying to help,
But I can’t,
So it seems.

Seeing the dark,
You are a way away.

But there it feels.
It is and will be.

The darkness doesn’t scare me,
Being used to it all before.

Off into,
The black below.
The dark skies above,
A home I’ve known,
But never wanted.

In the sky,
I look up and wonder,
Staying on,

In the waiting,
The time and the black.

Oh the world,
Spins as it moves,
Passes and grows.

Sitting in place,
The time existing and I wonder,
In place.

Peaceful, letting the darkness grab hold,
Because it used to be my home.
One I know just so well.

Just here,
In place with the darkness all around,
Sitting unafraid,
Just waiting, wondering and pondering.
Sitting in place.
Letting the fade.

As I look out,
Darkness all around,
A known sight,
Looking out.


Had a shitty day, work was hectic and just tiring. The rest of the day, my mind plaguing me, mistakes I constantly walk into, stupidly. Always the same.

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