And On The Walk

And onto the walk,
Down another path,
Another way on,
As the calming seas crash,
The moom so bright,
Giving, unto its shine,
The world so slow,
A world, passing.

The world before,
The landscape ahead,
As it flows down.

Beauty faced,
Cold, back turned.

On it goes,
Landscape seen and found,
On, the time flows,
Calm in the blank skies,
A world,
Its secrets, life,
Calm, at the edge of the world.

Just to to stop,
Before the moment,
To see.

And the walk,
On the trek,
Blank open space,
To calm,
Tiring of the fight,
A witness to time.

The moment,
In time.

The moment,
In place.

Amidst the moon-shine.
The time,
As a witness,
To the fight.

Today’s been a good day, an alright one. Thinking as always. Better after writing this as some friends are going out and I think I can finally go, but yeah, alright. Haven’t really done photography in a couple of days but want to get back to it on my next day off.


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