The Past’s Song

The past’s song,
As time flows,
Things change,
While staying the same,
In time.

In space,
The darkness of night,
Waiting, pondering into the night,
Lights, bright to see.

In the midst of the night sky.
As it is all let to be.
To be.

The past, a song,
Playing, through time,
To see,
To feel,
To be.

As time lets it feel.
Lets it see.

In the time, making.

Looking back,
Into this past’s song,
As it plays on,
On and on.

Been an alright day, had a hospital appointment, and spent a bit of time relaxing and a bit of time on photography and at night I’m left to thoughts.

The post photo is one I took on a short walk after my hospital appointment.

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