In the moment,
The time,
A moment,
Change by little change,
Persective, so ever-present.

Oh how I can then choose to see.

Here I am,
In the brief calm.
In the moment,

Being in the present.
Here I stand,
Seeing, trying, and now I know.

Calm, calm.
In the making,
With creation,
So many posibility.
Gratitude to my friends, Sticking by,
Making life.

In this moment of brief calm.
A good day.
Peaceful rest.
I see. Calm.

Feeling good, calm, spent the day, doing odd jobs, watching educational videos and doing things to better aid my photography. Did no photography as I had planned but it’s okay, did lots I haven’t had time to before. Also needed the relaxing day doing nothing.

Thinking back on hanging out with my friend last night, looking back, my mixed feelings, funny how these things change, where I have no idea why I felt like that, it was a great time, with good friends. Lots of good stuff.

Inspired totally by photography and glad to be getting back into it and wanting to throw myself into it fully, the image is another I’ve taken.