Torture in, with,
The thoughts festering,
Rotting against my mind as it tried.

Surrounded by people yet always feeling alone.
A dying soul,
Trying in a world I cannot.

My mind,
On fire with worry.
Paralyzed as I look on,
Into the abyss.

A constant worry, threat, pain.

I fall asleep while writing,
Drifting as the mind offers no solace.

I am scared, paralyzed, horriffied

Thinking, first bad day thinking in a while. Having an amazing time at home, and it’s good that I have largely been to busy to think, until today. Helping a friend out, leads me to thinking, trying, chats with family and friends. Has me confused, worried, out of my depths. About my mind, when my contract runs out, decisions, paths, all I’m paralyzed by, having to force myself but only to get paralyzed, worried, anxiety-ridding and alone in this. Things that have been worrying me for a while but I have endeavoured to try and ignore, try and calm.

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