Songs Off Into

Songs as they flow,
Off into, into the world.
Through all these moments,
These times, places and frok my mind.

Sadness and happiness,
Excited, apprehensive,
All in the feeling.

A song of reality,
Lonliness, existence and being.

Being in place,
As I call into the darkness of the sky.

As a tear runs down my cheek,
While happy,
I still feel pain.
But I go on.
Trying and hoping to see, to be, to try.

Writing this, had a great day today, work good, more sleep and not deprived, and lots going well. Stayed up till now watching Punisher after some photography. Been ages since I’ve taken some photos.

Feeling good, but also sad and thinking, about photography and Punisher. Photography is a sad hobby, an escape, for those trying to escape. I am looking forward to a friend being a model for some photography which could be fun for us.

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