World To Be Found

In this world to be found,
To be found of me,
By my hand, to make my world.

Walking through the fading light and fog,
Through a mist too dense to see.
Walking and hoping,
Moving on.

With everything tearing,
Breaking and hurting,
As I keep walking, trying,
In the making of this world to be found.
As I keep going.
Keep on trying,
To make my world,
Make my way.

Has a crazy busy shift today, was good though and I was on top of stuff. At the end though, worried if I did enough or did the stuff I should have. I stayed half an hour after to relax before going and do stuff I needed to do. Felt better leaving, knowing I did all I could, making a decision is better than the paralysis of indecision. Feeling a little more hopeful. After I went for a shot I wanted for a while, and in the moment it turned out worse than I thought but looking at the photo after, it looks much better than I thought. Only one issue which was I lost my tripod foot. But it was worth it. Although very annoying at the time. Feeling a little more hopeful. Thinking of my friend. Lots of stuff.

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