Mind Dragging Away

The mind dragging away,
Pulling away,
Fracturing being,
Pain through thoughts,
So much there,
Just so much.
It’s always the same,
Thoughts after a time,
Just thoughts, after it all.
Thinking overwhelming.

Sinking and thinking,
As the darkness creeps in,
Flowing through my veins for a while,
Until the time.

At the time.
Trying to be.
Trying not to think,
But just there.
Existing and thinking.

Just in the being,
As I drift,
Thinking through the fall.

Oh how my mind sinks and thinks.
Drifting down and down.

Oh how it wont stop.
It doesn’t waver.

Just down and down it goes.

Breaking through the fall,
Making me so angry at being.
Anger at the thinking.

Pain in being,
Just cryibg out,
To be heard.

Wailing into the dark wind.
Sinking faster and faster.

Alone in the darkness.
Just feeling.
But fine.
In the being.

In this time.
In place,
I feel, so empty.
In place, being, so empty.

But trying,
I feel.
So empty.
Trying. But so empty.
Empty in thinking, and feeling,
Trying, but.

Just dragged down.

Good times this week. Seeing a friend last weekend, hard work on a project of mine. Work was okay but stressful today, but at least now I know it’s something I can handle and people have faith in me. Which is nice. Saw a friend briefly when they were in town, was over the moon to see.

Now just thinking, about it all. Feeling sad. Been wanting to write a lot of poetry but early nights have meant I haven’t really had the chance.

Thinking, for a while, how my mind, takes a happy time and rips me apart so I can’t be hurt. By torturing and hurting myself.

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