Rage Seethes Deep

Rage seethes deep,
Exhaustion so complete,
That a day’s sleep cannot fix.

Pain runs forth,
Rage flows deep.
Hatred of it all.
In my sleep and wheb awake.
Nothing but for sleep.
To silence a raging furor.
Settled and true in conviction.
An animal with nothing left to give,
Nothing left to settle,
Nothing to calm,
Or to lose.

Raging in the mind.
Only calming through the rage by confining it to the mind.
Letting it run free,
In the particular spheres.

As the cage unravels.
As the cage breaks apart,
Nothing but hope to prop it up.
Keeping the confines alive.

Fixing a tsunami after its commence.

To hide and hope the confines hold.
Ripping and wrathful.

An animal beaten,
Tearing at the cage,
Ripping at its captor within the mind.

Blinded by rage,
Unable to see,
To see forth.

The rage deep,
The rage setting free,
As the chains strain.

The calm of the facade,
To help keep,
To help keep.

As the flood walls break,
To rebuilt while bricks,
Are torn from.
More blocks are ripped than can be places.

Seeing the path,
The projection,
Pessimism sets in,
Like stopping a reactor after it’s gone.

All come to a tilping point,
All come to a meltdown.
To a breaking point,
To self. Ripped to,
Ripped from.
Ripping apart,
As the pain,
Tastes so sweet,
Letting go and having lost.
Losing. Losing.
Calmness faked,
Faked to keep the facade,
The cage in check.
The best rupturing,

Raging to a tire.
Pain all over the body and mind,
In totality.
The rage.
So deep.
Exhilirating in the dark pain.

Rage seething deep,
The loss of control.
Building frantically,
Cage after cage,
Only hoping to keep.
To hold and to keep.

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