Wrecked as it all crashes,
Beaten, broken and wrecked.
In the mind,
Seething and raging,
Wanting to let the rage out.

To stop the facade of calm,
Every action, tinged with inaction.
Broken and falling.
Through and out of it all.

Wanting to burn my every path,
Leaving one.
To make me choose.
Make me fight,
And make me take the fight to my mind.
To burn it all down.
To make it bend,
To my own will.
Through flame and sword,
Hunger, pain, sadness and torture.
To break my will,
To break it all apart from its making.

Anger, at every little thing.
Trying to break.
Trying to thrash,
Wanting to let it all alight.
Break every bone in my body.
Breaking every thought within my head.

Breaking every ounce of strength.
Breaking it all.
Just want to break it all.
Leave me with nothing else.

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