What Can I Do

What can I do,
But stand and stare,
Into the abyss and call it home.
Walking those dark streets,
Watching, as life passes before my eyes and wish it so.

An emptiness is all there is,
Emptiness and pain,
I try, but fail, to remedy.

All of my failures passing before my mind’s eye,
Filling me with regret,
Regret of being.
Sadness gripping.

I, lost,
Have not come to know,
Why I find myself standing here,
Or how to move forward.

So all I can do?
Stand and watch,
Hope and wait,
Staring at the cliff edge below,
If the fall shall find a path.

What can I do.
Calmer now,
The emptiness has reached into my heart,
And tainted the shattered remains,
If that is even what they can be called.

Broken and trying,
Trying and failing,
Sad and trying.

All I can say,
Is that I tried.
Tried and tried.

As I’m broken again.
Broken and sick of trying.
Lost in place,
Sick of being me.

Scraping against the wall,
Hurt, devastated, from all the trying,
Trying through it all,
All I can do.

All the toll.
The toll so great,
As life closes off its doors,
From all, I’ve tried.
I’ve really tried.
Tried it all.

But left.
As my mind just fades into darkness.
Hurt, from trying.

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