Broken Each and Every Time

A world filled with pain,
The scars ache,
The blood draws.

And I stand,
But not to sleep.
I find myself lost.
Each and every time.
Lost and dying.
Loving and hating.
Always losing.
Always breaking.
Hating it all.
Why the word breaks me over and over again.
Wanting to go,
To leave.
To leave behind a world I want no part of.
All I want.

But no.
I can’t.
And this I hate most.

Keeping me imprisoned here.
Wanting to go.
Sadness consuming me.
Breaking me.

The constant pain breaks,
Hurts me,
Leaves me empty,
Trying to escape.

My heart breaks,

This week has been crazy, felt amazing like I haven’t in months, because of a situation change but last night and today I’ve been brought to lowest parts again. Again.