Lost It All

Lost it all,
Lost in life,
Having failed,
The help from so many others,
Given in vain.
As I feel to give up.
To give in.

Too tired of the fight.
Too tired after all these years of pain.
The monsters of my mind always return.
No matter how much I fight.

A testament to the failed fight.
I tried and failed.

The loss,
Leaving me,
My life, drains faster than I can fight.

It flows and crushes me.
Death staring me in the face.

As I lose.

Losing all hope.

Can’t believe that I once found,
Perfection in this world.
And as I’ve kept fighting,
To find.
It slips further,
Further and further,
Back into time,
A past time.

Brief glimpses,
Memories that burn and give me life.
Until I remember their loss.
Their loss to time.

Not feeling the worst I have, maybe the antidepressants somewhat working. But still, feel empty, with the occasional good day. But they never last. My hope, and love, and life, are leaving me. Leaving my body.