I’m Done. What You’ve Done.

I’m done,

What you’ve fucking done.
The knife and how it cuts.

All I had, my family better than family.
Only to be lies.
As you hold the knife to my throat,
Show me it all were lies.

You just did it.
Taking away,
All I had, bit by bit.
Pretending in the long game.
The lies.
A whole day cutting.
Cutting into me,
What you did.

You’ve broken me.
You’ve put a full stop to the sentence.

How I’ve wanted to believe otherwise.

Disassociated. I feel.
By not feeling,
Alive, existence.
I don’t feel.
Or relate no more.

It’s all broken lile shattered glass.

Broken and wrecked.
Broken and death.
You, oh why do you do this.
Why do this to me?
Show me everything,
Only to end in all lies.
Broken and filled with hate for the world.
As I tried to see the goodness in the world.

The world only breaks,
If you’ve held only care.
It breaks you,
Tears your life apart.
Tears the whole world down.

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