Still There

Still there,
A reminder of those times,
A time of life,
Remembering those memories,
As the feelings of euphoria have faded into time,
Fades but remembering the bliss,
In such a silly, casual moment,

Even from afar,
Small moments,
Of abnormal normalcy,
Message goodnight,
Up late chatting,
Remembered in the time.

Hoping for the best,
A time of life,
Times being,
Yet not pretending,
Even with nervousness.

The beauty of the landscape,
The night sky before me.
As the day comes yet again.

The pull of beauty in the landscape,
A reminder,
Losing oneself in it all.

In it all,
Worth another step,
The journey on.

Still there,
In those memories and reminders,
A future brighter,
Casual normalcy,

Moments lost,
In a new place,
Brought to,
By beauty,
And the time.
Of all those times,
The moments.

Uplifting and life-bringing.
Letting me be,

In casual normality,
I write, I capture,


The Calling

The calling,
The feeling,
Living in the day and the night.

Remembering and holding on.
All the calls,
Within the night,

As it all goes,
Brought from within memory.

A call back,
Into the once light shine.

As this light goes.
Fueled from within,
Through the light and memory.
Hopes, through uncertainty.

Memories clear and bright as the day.
As with those sweetest memories,
To stay and keep,
To keep for and from another day.

Reminder of another bright day.
Another time,
Another place,
Another feeling.
Giving me feeling in place,
Another light burning bright.

The light of another time.
Through and into calling.
Light, shining bright.

A fire to let me go on.
Hope and light,
To call me out of darkness.
Hope for light.

Calling for light, life and for another time.

Writing this, thinking, of the good thought, the good memory, of my friend who’s gone abroad, having an amazing time and the memories of those many but all too few times. Messaging late at night, all those times. Waiting for their bus with them, chatting, laughing, hanging out, nerding over our passions and past-times. Giving me some hope.

Defiant Rage

Defiant rage,
Raging out,
Defiant against the pain.

Holding on those good memories,
That warm against the fade.
Bringing with it a hold,
A grasp,
Onto reality.
Thinking, remembering.

Defiant against the pain and the haters.
To rip out the pain.
Violently I shake myself back into existence.

To remember, to feel.
Raging to feel alive,
As it burns against my skin.
Gritting my teeth.
Just to feel alive.

Bringing myself out of the pain,
Through the burning flames of the mind.

Letting the flames wrap around.
Creativity and life,
Burning deep.
Burning deep inside.

A defiant rage.
To feel,
Breaking out,
Breaking apart,
To feel.

To make,
Breaking off the past.

Remnants from a wretched existence.

Breaking free to find.
To be free.

Let it all out into the night.
Memories of that last moment,
Dark but also with its own shine.

Breaking free,
As I remember all those sweet times,
Slight reminders,
Bringing me back to life.

Holding on,
To the only bright light,
That I can find,
From those depths of despair.

At home.
Finding those moments,

Bringing hope out,

From those times,
Gone but for a little while,
But bringing life.
To feel alive again.
Kind, sweet, at home, and alive.
Reminder away from the pain.

The times,
Those times, those nights.
Nothing, but everything,
Everything all the same.

Feeling better, angry at the pain endured, continued, hurt but defiant all the same. Defiant to wretched pain wrought.

Defiant, but happy, remembering good memories, kindness given over a long time of being in pain. A time where I could merely be myself, open up, be nerdy and not judged. Help and in doing, also be helped. Without any intention to be helped. Kind times, just really good and nice and giving hope for the future.



In total significance and insignificance.

Being in place,
In time and being,
Remembering the time,
Being in the moment.

More and more. Better and better. Wanting to be better and better. But the best thing, not feeling judged, ridiculed, or made fun of or made to feel insecure.

Thinking of a casual night, in the past. Where although sad in its finality for the moment. It was good to feel at home, in being, existing without another’s constant judgement.

A moment that I am and will be eternally grateful for, in its mere moment of insignificance and total significance.

Sun Shining Bright

Sun shining bright,
In the day light,
Looking for the bright day.
As the sun shines overhead.

The time in the moment.

The time to be.
Brightness to come.
A reminder to be.
Reminder of those sweet times,
The good times.

As the wind blows.

The time in the moment.

Kind and sweet in the moment.
With a reminder of those good times

Currently on a walk. Got more to walk. A reminder, thinking of my friend who’s gone away to Japan. Hearing from them always brightens my day. Seeing pictures of their time, reminders of the times we spent together. Amazing times, sweet times. Messaging as I walk them to the bus stop and we message while they get home and I walk home. Just thinking. Living, loving, always just so good. And grateful for the amazing times past.

Those Short Few Times

Those short few times,
The moments so few,
Memories from start to end,
Missing those moments as they’re Left to memories, having blown away in the wind.

Times so few, so sweet.
Memories lasting,
As the times fade away.

The times shared.
So nerdy and far behind.

Missing those times as they fade.

So sweet, so few.
Memories bringing me to a chuckle.
The cute and nerdy days.

The world left to a shine,
With the memory of those short few times.
The sun radiantly shining over the hill,
The blueness of summer skies.

Smart, funny, talented and caring,
Within those short few times,
Those past summer days.

Writing this to a friend that’s gone away. Will miss them. Knew then only for but a short time. Nice times. Times, nice summer days.


For and of the times,
Bringing a good feeling,
One that sickens me with warmth,
Resisting as I go,
Trying in amongst the confusion.

Thinking and thinking,

An uncertain conundrum,
To think and reminisce or not and to forget.
Forgetting, never an option,
To think,
Reminded as I stand,
Many small things,

Culmination, brought to an abrupt end.
Goodbye and not forgotten,
Possibly see again,
Another time,
Perhaps, in time.

To see, be, as was in those moments.

Illusive, Sliver of Hope

This illusive sliver of hope,
The world longing,
For the time to shine.
Bringing, sheltering, keeping,
The sliver of hope.

To this world, mixed nature.
To let the hope,
Open up,
And shine bright.

To let, the sliver of hope,
Hope take hold,
The shine,
As it flows,
On and up,
Into the light.

Determination to fight,
With kindness and care,
Remembering that last day.
The finite beauty,
Of those few times,
On and on,
To those adventures,
Far and wide,
Far and wide unto this world that can seem bright.
Seeing the light.
Of it all,
Beauty of life and all its kindness,
To shine away the dark.

Been a much better day today, lots of productive work and sorted lots of stuff out. Thinking of the recent past and saying goodbye to a good friend I didn’t get to know, so little Time, the few times cherished. Thinking, wishing them luck in their adventures. Hopefully will see them again.


Oh the aftershine,
The moments,
The time,
Beauty in wonderment.
For it all,
For it all.

The aftershine,
A world mundane but for the shine. The world and its people,
Souls, minds and kindness.
Beauty to be found in the darkest of places.

But just take a step,
Delve to try and find,
To be kind.

The once a lifetime moment,
All is clear in the troubles,
The world shown bare,
Truth of the beauty.
A world in its radiance.

The path walked, rather than the one not.
The times,
Random chance and radiance,
From a single step,
Single chance taken.

A dice-roll of life,
Treasure found,
In those most unexpected places,
Those uneventful chances.
Truth and beauty revealed,
In this realisation.
The world,
Speaking of it all.

The bright sunshine,
The winter’s glistening snow,
It all,
Perfection in the world,
In place.

Times, so precious and finite,
But continue to glow, in the aftershine.
A beacon for what may come.

Oh how sweet the aftershine,
A sliver of gold,
Of hope,
Glowing embrace of time,
Moments present,
Moments past.
The looking,
For future moments,
Always cherishing those yet past.

Writing this, listening to some of my old favourite tracks. Stressed out from work, and future and dissertation stuff. But thinking, my mind on one thing. Thinking, the times and feelings, feeling happy-sad, a bittersweet happiness.

Closing Chapter

Chapter to close,
Times finite,
But hopes to hold.

As the world shines,
Beauty, from the finite moment.
Shared in the wondrous moment.
Finite yet good, great, wonderful.

These moments,
As they pass,
Yet leave their mark.
Wondrous, for the times.

Hope, for the future.
So much uncertain,
But hope,
Is certain.

Left thinking,

As this world,
A chapter, to close.
Care in the world,
For the world.

Goodnight and goodbye,
To this night,
This time,
This age.
A wondrous time.

In the moment,
And then to close.

This time.

Left thinking,
Of the amazing world,
That holds.

The beauty of the world,
Living in the present.

This cherished moment,
Giving light,
Through all uncertainty.

In it all.

Looking back,
Through all the times.

All those memories,
Through the chapter’s close.
Beauty in the finite,
In the beautiful moment.

For all those times,
Those gone times.
Beauty beyond the chapter’s close.

A reminder of life,
Those times,
Within it all.

Much left unsaid,
Maybe for the best?
At the chapter’s inevitable close.

So much,
To close on a chapter,
So much with it all.
So much within mind.

Beauty but for…
Beauty within the chapter’s close.
A moment’s finite.
Beauty of life,
The most oddest moments,
Moments of kindness.

Hope in all,
All the future,
And what may come.
Left with bitter-sweet hope.
At the chapter’s close.

The beauty as I stare into the night sky,
A reminder,
Of the close,
Before a new bright day.

The stars,
As they twinkle and shine,
Beauty of the cosmos.
Held, within their moment.

To remember,
The bright closing chapter.
For the hope and light it brings.

Amazing day, with an amazing person, friend. Whom I care so much about. Wish all the best, know all the best will go for her.

In bliss of the memory, of the moment. The beautiful moments.

A happy sad, blissful moment.

At the chapter’s close.

At the chapter’s close.