Path To Be Seen

There It is,
The path that is to be seen,
Amongst the unknown,
I can find.
I can be.

Not knowing my path,
Finding a knowing,
One that sets me free.

Seeing the world,
Seeing its normalcy,
Being and to be set free.

A path seen,
Amongst its lack of clarity.
The place found.

Finding and set free.
Set free by the casual.

Finding to be.

As the world,
Rings out.
Its confusion,
Trying to find a path,
Make a trek,
A path,
To find,
To be,

Let it all.
Just be.
Letting it ring past.

Amongst the calm night.
It is, let be.
As I, let it be.

It’s been a good day, did a lot of photography, sorted plans for more and plans for doing my own independent research and as one of my lecturers suggested, sending a revised and added-to essay I wrote for them to a journal. Don’t have enough time, but as always I’ll make time. Also my best friend, we chatted a little today, and I’m looking forward to spending their birthday with them!

Just wrote a comment on my favourite photographer nearby’s social media.

My true aim is, to capture beauty in normalcy. Not having to go somewhere exotic or far away, you can find beauty, inspiration and pristine bliss wherever you are. You just have to look. Even if it is hard, you just have to let your mind look.


Odd But Good Times

Odd but good times,
In how they are made,
Made and pass.

Feeling at home,
At home and free,
Surprised to feel,
In a world once so cold.
Getting stronger everyday,
Reflecting in this world.
So much seen,
So much,
So far.

And here I am.
Here I’ve found,
Wanting to bring,
To try,
To help souls;
Lost and in the dark.
A debt I owe, for myself,
To try.
To keep fighting those bad times,
Keep fighting.

To find.

And here I am,
Having fought to find.
Fought, embraced, and come to know,
My demons,
As they stood and stared.
Till they, relegated to the past.
They, stay in the past.

Having to keep on the fight.
To keep.
While I try.
To help,
Through empathy,
An open doorway,
A doorway,
To feel, to see.
A world not my own.
But also just so.
Collective feeling,
Collective hardship.
The living,
Of and within humanity.

Never to leave my side,
Never to leave my mind.

Trying to give,
Help and to keep dear.

In these odd and good times,
I continue to feel.
Continue to be and see.

A world perfect in imperfection.
Perfect, just to be and see.

A world there,
Just to be felt.

Just feeling good and pondering, happy, the picture is another one I took.


For the times, even in the dark,
Within the darkness,
Keeping a light shining bright.
A light of hope,
Hoping for all the best,
For the world to find,
Care always given,
Even if to behidden deep.

So many memories,
Wished to be relieved.
Now for the truth come to,
Yet on shaky ground, within my own mind.

The chance encounter,
Hoping for all the best,
The sun rising on life,

Hope, care for humanity,
But a part,
Within my mind,
Wanting to hide away.

Without regret.
With only hope for the best.

Something I cannot help.

And not knowing if I would change,
I am without regret.

The past,
The pain beginning to fade,
But even now,
Without regret.

I was once broken,
But always wanting to help,
Wanting to,
Help the broken and fractured souls of the world.
Never giving up,
Never giving as much as I want.
But I always try.

Care for the world,
Being alone, empty, hurt and in despair.
Always wanting,
To help,
To not leave another in that state.

I, in this caring state.
Unregretful, for caring,
For trying to help,
For the hope and best wishes given, even if hidden from sight.

For this, I have no regret,
Being, caring, hoping and making.
To find and hold all the best in this world.
No matter the darkness headed this way.
I am unregretful,
Knowing, making.

And here I am.
Without the slightest regret.
Glad to know and be.
To be and care,
Even if hidden from all.
I continue on. And on.
For it all.
The moments, memories,
The good and bad,
Knowing, I am.
Caring, trying and being.
Here I stand.

Feeling happy, unbelievably happy. Pondering, contemplative. Thinking. Haven’t written something so heartfelt, meaningful and with clarity in a very long time. Happy and at peace.

A conversation with a friend a few days ago, put things into perspective, something going on for a while but I haven’t realised. Every aspect, work, home, friends, strangers, my caring nature and empathy. Even realising this fully when I mentioned helping over 4 people online, who I’ve never met, messaging them, listening random strangers without need or being made to. But I do, I’m glad, helping, to listen when sad, to listen when alone and the world is so crushing. Random people who I listen to and help, may not be much kindness. But, in my dark past, it would have meant the world, and it did on those few occasions.

Even staff feedback at work, people above and below me, noticing my care, help and assistance and empathy, even when I don’t notice it myself.

Feeling unbelievably happy and contemplative but so very happy. Here is a picture I took on a photography trip for all day on Monday.

Little Wonders

Little wonder,
The path taken,
From those not chosen.
Materialised from chance,
From a multitude of paths not taken.
Reality collapsing to one actuality.

Little wonders,
This life,
The times,
Little moments on moments,
Chances by chances,
Times in the moment,
Of reality,
From existence.

A world wrapped in uncertainty,
Then memory,
My reality.

So many moments,
In and of the world.
Chances that could have been mixed,
Chances taken.

It is.
These times,
Out in the midnight breeze,
The lights shining all around,
Yet also the dark beauty of the night,
Accompanied by the sounds of the night.

Little wonders,
Only but a part,
A time,
Wonders of and in the world.
Shining on me,
Showing me a place.

Wrote this, went on a last-minute, spur-of-the-moment photography walk at night, and on this an old friend, the girl I met on a random walk, chatted tonnes walking the opposite direction from the path I was taken to rescue a hurt bird with her. It was really really nice and as with everything, reminds me of every moment. Chatted for a while tonight on my walk, was nice, was unexpected. But was really nice.

An alright day, but the walk, photography and chat to this friend has definitely made my day.

Help From the Fade

Help from the fade,
Contemplative in the moment,
From the moment,
Many moments past.

Mistakes made,
Choices,faults and errors.
From a broken mind.
Once broken, now ready to be free.
Helped in the being,
For the,
With the,

The past,
A completed chapter, never “over” but passed.
Relegated and confined,
Remembered and forgotten.
With all the thinking.

Ready to forge on.
To rise as it all falls.
The shadows fall around,
I won’t kneel.
Standing tall.

Never to stop,
Caring for those of good.
Forgetting, the demons of the past,
Forgetting? No.

Demons fail, sink back into their shadows,
To hold their regrets.
I shan’t care,
Not for all the pain.

Closure, help to forget.
To erase the mind from the faults of all my past.
Only to learn.
Greater things will come,
A world,
Kind, good and nice,
With my own making,
The people I find,
And the kind, the only ones to keep.

Sadness grips with the memories of the past,
But also not.
A past, with its feelings.
Not worth feeling, remembering.

The lesson, all tried to teach me.
Hold dear, those who care,
Offering kindness unto the world.
The rest, time will forget.
All will forget,
Without regret.

Time moves on,
Kindness and care, the only worth to be found.
To be found,
In unexpecting places.
Better ones.

The only ones of worth.

But that’s it,
The help from the fade.
A making,
Within the flames of living.

Climbing high,
As it all recedes below.
Without a care,
Without the sun-shine.

This is the help,
Help from the fade.

Writing this, my American friend, asked, cares and asked how I’ve been, writing a long answer, for me thinking of the past, present and future. Giving me hope and happiness, reminded of the dark, the demons passed. Gives me hope.

Getting into a lot of photography, daily, and here is one I had taken.

Take the Strain

To take the strain,
Move life to your will.

Davastation comes and goes,
But here we are,
This is life,
What we have.

Here I offer,
A kind heart,
A welcoming hand,
To take the strain, all I can.
To try,
To be when alone,
To feel, understand and show compassion, when all is gone.

I try. I promise.
And I, will never fail this.
To take the strain, to give a rest,
From the fight.
To help and offer what little comfort.

I understand.
I care.
I want to try and help.

Even if it all is,
Being on the end of a call,
An ocean away,
To talk it out.

I know the feeling,
Being so very alone,
A world indifferent,
It is in part a choice,
To see reality, and not to accept the lie worth telling.
A difficult dichotomy.

Not wanting,
To accept a lie.
I offer my truth,
Only care,
What, all little help I can offer.
Just to help,
Making, piecing, day-by-day,
Even a little better.

I cannot say,
How much I care,
How much I hope, it really gets better.
Regret us drifting apart,
Hoping, it’s not something I’ve done.

But that’s that.
All I can.
Ever hoping that my care sent across an ocean,
Consuming all-feeling,
May do a little, somewhere, out-of-the-blue.
To help just a little.
To help take the strain,
For even a short time.

First good night going to sleep in a long time, went out drinking with friends, well, people I didn’t know but got to know. It was nice and good, started the night alone and then saw lots of people and chatted with so many strangers, even helped another plan their undergrad dissertation all out!

Writing this, I’m happy and sad. Happy because I am, because a lovely person messaged me. Sad, because I can never help this person as much as I want to. I would love to take away all that pain onto myself, just to save it from them. They deserve it. But yeah. I’m happy, will always help. Just sad I can never do as much as I’d like.

Comes With Being

There is a sadness that comes with being,
Comes with caring, loving and trying.

A confused plethora of feeling,
Just thinking,
With this living,
This living and caring.

As time flows,
And the songs of the night,
Sing and play their tune.

As the night goes on.
Life, goes on.
Alongside this sad song,
Playing, off into the distance,
As I walk on.
Knowing it will always be playing,
Greeting me at every turn.
Something to know.

In it all,
The feeling, hope and care.

As I smile to myself,
Thinking, yet happy and sad.
As I know, this sad song.
Goes on, just the same.

Always thinking and caring,
Hating myself just for the same.

And I stop for a moment.
Ponder and think.
Just then. The feeling subsides, hoping for the best,
Knowing I’ll always care just the same.

As the sad song plays, and I walk on.

Not really sure what got me thinking of this one, what inspired me. Was just thinking. Thinking, feeling, caring and pondering.

Just Those Good Times

Just to those good times,
The times of old.

A reminder,
And the times,
Those good moments,
The world within reach.
A reminder,
The time of those times.
Being, living and feeling.

Just from those good times.

In the moment,
Living life as it passes,
With those good times to come.

What is left and made.
Just as those good times go.

Good day, had a meal at my best friend’s house with other good friends. Was good, was nice, was a lot of things and feeling happy.

Sun Shining Bright

Sun shining bright,
In the day light,
Looking for the bright day.
As the sun shines overhead.

The time in the moment.

The time to be.
Brightness to come.
A reminder to be.
Reminder of those sweet times,
The good times.

As the wind blows.

The time in the moment.

Kind and sweet in the moment.
With a reminder of those good times

Currently on a walk. Got more to walk. A reminder, thinking of my friend who’s gone away to Japan. Hearing from them always brightens my day. Seeing pictures of their time, reminders of the times we spent together. Amazing times, sweet times. Messaging as I walk them to the bus stop and we message while they get home and I walk home. Just thinking. Living, loving, always just so good. And grateful for the amazing times past.