New Bright Day Shining

New bright day shining,
So much to come in the ever,
No matter the good or bad times.
Always having that bright shining day to come.

A little step,
The step to be taked,
Forged throughout.
To be made,
So nothing but casual.

Moment in the making,
For the taking.
This time that only comes once,
A time, fleeting in its beauty.
The night brightened up.

The fleeting time to make the most of.
Oh how I can’t stop.
The moments coming so close,
Trying the best I can.

The time in the making,
The time here.

In the fragility of the time,
This better moment,
To be better,
In its better feeling.

So much in the past,
Left unsaid,
Relegated to the death of the past.
An erasure, for the better times to be had.

So much feeling,
In this world,
The clearest moments.
Lucid in their intricacy.
Beauty is their currency,
Simple times for the making.

Music to the soul,
Better in their making.

Of the new,
The bright shining day,
Irradiance of night.

Writing this, feeling good, chatted a lot to a really good friend throughout my shift today who’s helped me a whole lot. Feeling good, much better, believed in, encouraged and helped. Feeling much better, finally got over feeling down about my overthinking, knowing it’s irrational, but the feelings persisted. Feeling better!

Writing this poem for me, for them and for another dear friend I’m thinking about, always never failing to make me laugh, smile haha.

Better Through the Goodbye

Better through this goodbye to come,
The times shining in my mind.
Hoping, chatting and being.

A time to come,
A goodbye to be said,
To grow and be better.
To try before the final.

Bettering before this goodbye.
Hoping it’s just for a time.
Though it’ll be a while.

Bettering through this goodbye.
All the possibility.
To strive, stretch and be better.

Thinking, feeling,
Thinking of you,
A better me,
Trying, as I have.
Finding place,
Finding a time where I can try.

The betterment before the goodbye.
Before the finality,
Trying to hold on to.
Myself, being better.
Whilst keeping true to truth.

Thinking of a friend, a really good friend I don’t really know. A friend I’m trying to be better for, trying to self-improve my life in so many ways. Knowing, we’ll be saying goodbye for a while, hopefully not for good. But being better as I try. Been an amazing day, an amazing time seeing them. Trying, being and being happy with this.

New Years Resolution

I never make New Years resolutions, told all of my family since before New Years that I don’t because these promises for the year can be made anytime and a failure of a resolution shouldn’t stop you trying until the next year.

Been thinking, of a lot tonight, past, present, feelings, others’ problems, pains and troubles they’ve been sharing with me and asking for help, my best friends sticking by me, those new people; interesting, amazing, and kind and those old friends you haven’t seen in a long time who when you meet up it was like you never were apart. So much changes yet also stays the same.

My New Years resolution, more a promise:

To keep away all hurt and pain, to do all I can to help everyone who is worth it. Hurt and pain may come, it is always solve-able, to those who choose. But my promise is to only help, only solve those that are worth the pain. To help friends with anything and everything I can, to go above and beyond, as this kind of pain, even if it hurts at the time, is a pain worth the life I’m living. To help others, help myself and be a better person.