A New Endeavour

A quick post, I’m starting another category for my blog, one that focusses on trying to find, potentially being suggested, and reviewing and reflecting on other people’s poetry.

For a while I have been wanting to look for poetry to read, but not like the First World War poets or others learnt in school, ones similar and different and also both at the same time, to mine, to gather inspiration, ideas thoughts and just to add to me.

I’m planning to ask my best friend, a literature buff to help me with this. By chance looking at lists recommending poetry I have found one that I will read some and post about.


Promise You

Promise you,
Care to stay,
No matter my troubles I face,
I will make it through,
To bolster myself against the demons of my past.

I promise you,
Your past,
All of you,
I’m there for.

To stand by you,
In the dark, cold or rain.
To be there,
To see you smile,
That next time.

Having my own demons to face.
My own to beat.
My triumph to keep.
My promise to you, and to me.

A kindness,
Promised to you.
My care,
Promised to you.
One I’ll keep.

My promise to you.
One I’ll keep.

My Confused Feelings

My feelings, confused but in my head, I think writing may help think things over.

I like a good friend, a lot, just being there. Just the most simple things, spending a quiet moment with, not even doing anything.

I care about them totally. But know I should stop. Some friends say to stop. I can’t help it but maybe need to. She doesn’t like me like that. Has closer friends than me,

Doesn’t care about me the same way, but is an amazing friend, does care about me as a person.

But I don’t know if she knows I still like her, or somehow forgot. Does she know? I was going to ask if she shows how I feel but like, I don’t totally know, want to forget but also remember.

My mind says the former but my heart says the latter.

It is hard. But recently I am, I have been much better.

Have a lot to think about, a lot to decide.

Got to think.

Got to think.

Hurting Questions

As I sit thinking.
Grand piano playing,
Mind thinking and whirring.

Pondering and thinking,
Through these hurtful questions.
But trying to stay afloat,
But it grasps at my mind.
A question.

One hurting,
One unknown,
One unsure.
A question,
Shrouded in uncertainty,
Faking hope.

Trying to carry on.
As I sit here thinking.
Sit here hoping.
Sit here trying not to think.

Thinking through these hurtful questions.

How You Capture Me

Out of nowhere, you grab me.
A message and you’ve captured me.
Just you.

You and your radiant beauty.
Without even trying.

Capturing me,
Mind, body and soul.
Your; mind body and soul.

Your simple, natural, whole beauty.
It’s just you.

Your natural shine,
Bright smile,
Cute face.
Perfection whole.
Perfection true.
Perfect you.

How you capture me,
In all those simple ways,
Simple, beautiful ways so true.

You capture me whole,
Capture me true.

How you capture me.

Written listening to Little Things by One Direction, their only song I like.

Another love poem, poem spurred by a kind, sweet message. One beautiful, natural and true.

This is Me. This is Who I Am. I Am Me.

This is me. Who I am. I am me.
Kind, caring, strong.
There when needed,
There for the always.

A person never to falter.
Flawed, but me.
Quirky and unique,
Nerdy and me.

Finally going on strong.
Pushing past all that gets in my way.
Nothing to stand,
Between me and my goals,
Me and my care,
Me and those I care about.

Troubles to part,
To split apart and make way,
I walking through,
To claim my life.
Make mine shine.
Blinding in the sunlight.

This is me. This is who I am. I am me.

Making way for me,
And for those I care about.
Nothing to stand in the way,
Before it parts.
I stand, look and move.

Move past,
Move on.
Bringing the strength to the fore.
Mustering all the might to make the path,
Through the muck, the debris.
Building a road of gold.

Care for all.
Kindness to those special few,
Who I would give everything,
Give my all, my kindness and care.

This is me.
This is who I am.
I am me.

Shimmering Nights

Shimmering nights like this.
Making my day, my week.
Thinking of you,
With a great smile on my face.
A warmth in my heart,
Cosy to my core.

The feeling came,
So long ago,
It has stayed ever since.

Your beautiful face,
Your shining personality,
Never has left my mind,
Even as I tried.

Your return,
So sweet,
So nice.

Always brighten my day.
Has brightened my life.
No matter what has happened.
I know I can’t forget you.
Those shimmering nights,
And that’s just you,
What you do.
Just by being you.

Just by being you.
That is so true.

My favourite song I play,
Even though I’m alone.
You come through.
A beautiful melody of you.

A shimmer of light,
That brightens up any night.

Hoping I brighten your day,
In any way,
Like you do for me.

Your power,
Your truth,
Your simple beauty,
Inside and out.
A shimmering star,
A light in the dark.
A warmth at night.
Just by you,
Just by you, being you.

In those shimmering nights.

Thinking of those best nights, those beautiful nights. Beautiful ones.

Always good, always bright. Amazing people who are amazing for being them, beautiful beyond compare, just as they are.

A Doorway Goodbye

That doorway goodbye.

Timid, quick, apprehensive.
You, just as me.

The goodbye, promise of a continuation.
Knowing it would never come?
Oh how you walked out the doorway.
Running out, to try. I tried.

Only to see you, standing there.
Tear running down your cheek.
A sad smile,
A promise.
A underlying sadness.
The sadness of this goodbye,
A microcosm of the unknown.
To be left unopened.

A picture I wont forget.
Standing in that doorway,
For that doorway goodbye.

A message unspoken.
Moment shared.
Our goodbye.
Our moment.

Our shared times,
Flashing before my eyes.
The laughs,
Shared conversations.

That time,
Laying in your bed.
You looking me in the eye,
Straight through,
Into my soul.
And I into yours.

A doorway goodbye.
Moments grabbed from reality.
With this doorway goodbye.

Another storyesque poem, one that follows on from “That Beach Sunset. The Last Night Together“. A continuation. Of the story. The end to the story, most likely, and for now. But most likely the end.

Again, I say that I’m not unhappy, I’m happy and okay, just thinking to a memory. Happy, sad, nostalgic and remembering. I’m good.

Ordinary Perfection

Ordinary perfection.
From your small kindness.
Something simple,
Something small.
But for me, it’s
Meaningful and perfect.

To know someone cares,
Someone understands.
I hope to show the same kindness.
Understanding, care, and compassion.

So perfect,
Kind, caring.

A laughing moment,
Joking moment,
Casual moment,
Working moment,
Stressed moment,
Fun moment.
Many moments,
Small, ordinary moments.
Nice perfect moments.

Someone I deeply care about,
Who can always rely on me.
A person who embodies perfection,
Of the best kind,
A real, ordinary perfection.

Writing, feeling much better. Thinking of the friend who helped me tonight.

The title could be misconstrued, I mean how some such ordinary or small things can be the most perfect.

Like my friend Ruby giving me their favourite book that reminds them of me, it was so so similar to me, and I kept finding more things to relate to.

My friend I mentioned earlier, just really care about them, always hoping that they’re okay, always wanting to help when I can. They’ve been so nice and are one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Someone who, somehow, unbelievably, brightens my day when I see her, even if I’m stressed or worried, just seeing her, somehow changes that.