One Such Chance Encounter

One such encounter,
That far off time,
That such time,
But not far off,
Within my mind.

That kind encounter.
Those times,
That life can bring.

That care.

That far off time
One such encounter,
For but a brief time.

Such was that time.
For the fleeting moment.

The one moment,
Out of my darkness it came.
That such chance.

Fleeting in its momentary state.

That time,
The one I didn’t see,
As clearly as I would like.

That moment,
A dear moment,
Casual in,
Wonderful in,

One such encounter.

Writing a storyesque poem, thinking back on a time, seemingly so long ago, meeting someone so nice,

So nice to talk to. By total accident. Total chance.

It helped me, for a while, escape from a bad situation, my mind become free. Such a casual, unusual, beautiful encounter.

One I truly miss.

Out of many memories of mine, it’s probably the one I miss most. It was casual, pure, unexpected, an escape for the both of us, I think, perhaps. For a time.

If there’s a memory, a time I could relive, I probably would choose that. Remember it so well, it brought a light to that whole weekend, when I felt lost.

Such a time, from one such chance encounter.