Moment pristine,
Clarity present.

Beauty in normalcy,
Beauty present,
In being,
Beauty in all,
Chasing darkness away.

At peace getting away,
Somewhat… losing yourself.
Just the moment,
What it brings,
What you find.

Branching paths,
Reality’s duality,
Event, non-event,
Choose or not,
Present or absent.

Moments, paths, places, times,
Fill my mind,
Place by place, in time.

How the willow tree,
Admist the fog shines out,
Atop the hill,
Hills across the lifescape behind,
Shining, at peace, calm.
In existence, time.

Capture in mind,
soul, image.

So many chances taken,
Chances missed,
Chances taken while others missed.
Bringing me here,
This place, right now.
This time, and not another.

In the mind,
In being.

Encapsulated in place.
Captured beauty.

Wasn’t going to write poetry tonight, had no thoughts to write, was lying awake, reflecting. Been doing photography about every day for over a week, being more at peace with scenes I find myself, finding scenes where usually people see nothing, even I expect to find nothing but hope to find something in that and usually do, but never cease to be surprised by this.

Getting so much into photography and wanting to save up for a DSLR, I do love this. Reflecting and getting better through photography.

Times Laid Out Bare

I often wonder,
Often think,
Often question, do I have regrets?
For the past,
For what happened.

I regret that it happened, it had to.
I don’t regret, the true happiness life shown, friends met along the dark paths.

Making me.
Breaking me,
Piecing together the remains.

But I am left,
Piece by piece,
Throughout life, lost.

I am happy for those times,
Sad for how it’s all gone.

Though I may say regret,
I do not,
It is what I know for fact,
It is the sadness for future regret.

A path along this road need taking,
Mourning before the loss.
Regret before the action.

This is why,
Deepeningly sad, not the past.
It made me.
Good times, bad, and all.

It’s knowing I’m fixed and broken.
Continuing on, down a path I’ve known.

Just a pondering poem, happy-sad. Thinking. I may be easily confused by emotions especially. One thing I know full well is rationality, and it hurts seeing the inevitable path, and regretting before it’s happened, trying to change fate. But knowing all the same. This hurts. I desperately try to change this, but have known I can’t for a very long time now.

The Simple Moment

The simple moment,
A simple time,
All laid, on the table,
Casual conversation through it all.

From nothing into being,
Casual time, after casual time.

This simple moment,
Simple, beautiful, but still so simple.
A casual being,
But made into perfection,
Through its simple nature.

Of how, you can see the world in a sunset,
On a cliff edge,
A seascape or a mountaintop.
Simple moments in time,
Simple moments of location,
Seeing purity from simplicity.
Such a casual-perfect endeavour.

When, you look, back-round.
A realisation hits of this perfection,
Nerves come around,
Kindness, unsual but found.
A simple time, able to show,
A true self buried deep.
Aspects ignored for being alone,
But now not?

These times, moments, so simple,
Yet also so perfect that it confounds my mind.
My brain, understanding the dichotomy,
While also not.
Like a puzzle when solved, but continues to pose questions.

A perfect night,
Casual night,
A mutual goodbye-hello.
From a time been waiting for ages,
While concurrently new and out-of-the-blue.

With so many chances,
Chance on chance on chance,
Making this night,
Line up,
Making us light up.

From the laughs and smiles,
The night’s remembered.
From everything and the feeling.
The night’s cherished.

From everything,
The feeling, simplicity and humanity.
The night’s legacy.

All from but a simple moment,
A night in,
Between two nerds.

Uncapturable simplicity,
Uncapturable significance
Uncapturable perfection.
Cherished in all its meaning.

Goodbye or not. The moment lives on,
A reminder of goodness,
Of all that can.

This perfect, simple moment.

Writing this, trying to capture, the feeling, thoughts, seeing my friend yesterday, for our movie night with cooked dinner and Ben & Jerry’s chats of the past, goals, achievements, dreams and so much more.

Honestly, it was so casual, so, I guess ‘nothing’ but was a perfect night. A perfect night, being able to be myself, be nerdy, chatted Pokemon, something I hadn’t really talked about in ages. Their clear nerdy but cute capability to name them all, and know all things anime. Such a simple moment. One I wished I could capture, but know before writing this that I cannot. But that, I guess, is part of the beauty, as my friend in America says, (paraphrasing/ my interpretation) that beauty comes from the fleeting moment, its being in the moment. What I wrote last night, I felt drunk, very, but totally sober, drunk on life, happy with everything, ecstatic.

Now more calm, collected but still ecstatically happy. My mind running clearer again.

On The Off Chance

On the off chance,
Beauty of a setting summer’s sun.
On the off chance,
That time of all the laughs,
And messages,
Off into the night.

A chance,
Out of nowhere,
Been meaning to,
Take the off-chance.

To try,
Reminders of the times so far gone.
So much changed in no time,
To give a try.

An off-chance from beghinning to end.

Those times,
Looking off into the past,
To know,
To see.

On this off-chance,
Taking the chance,
To get to know,
From the smallest of moments.

Most casual of little times.

A sweet-kindness,
To will on my willpower,
Getting to know,
Through the smallest of moments.

In time,
Greeting to,
The smallest, sweetest, most casual of smiles.

There is no such thing as perfection,
Just a perfect feeling.
Making of the subjective,
Will and strength for the forward.
For it all to be alright.

The perfect feeling.

The random chance,
This off-chance of the world,
Making me feel alive.

Body raising,
Breathing, pushing far through the universe.
To make the most of it,
To show me,
And discard who cannot see,
I will brave the dark seas.

All the world and the intracies,
A torrent of experience,
Of feeling.
All the world,
All it has and may be.
From the off-chance.
Start to end,
All in the off-chance.

Has an amazing day, messaged an old friend that I didn’t think I would see again. We’ve not only chatted but also organised a movie night. So excited!

Been writing this on and off for over 4 hours.

Then some bad stuff came up at work. My mind, it tries, and it overthinks, the worst combination. Trying means I care and thus think. Overthinking means I have to try not to care in an effort to stop overthinking.

Either way, nothing will stop me feeling happy for now.

With Those Times

With those times.
The fun and the dancing,
Singing along to those songs.

Those times, chatting,
Sharing in kind.
A time for now,
For a time,
Finite time,
But not the last.
Yours and mine.

All those good times,
Those shared interests.

Talking over the past.
True, open and kind.
Shared stories and laughs.
Those times long gone,
Those forming moments.

All gone but true,
True shared and kind.

Those times,
From nothing,
A chance decision,
One upon many,
Making the time.
With those times.

Writing this, thinking back yesterday, to the time, with a friend, the friend I was having that ish-date with? The date didn’t go as planned. A random person we knew tagged along. A nice guy but yeah. Stopped bothering after that, after stuff. And she asked if I wanted to hang out and it seems will be a more regular thing! Haha so happy. She’s going on a year abroad though, will be cool and she’s so looking forward! It’ll be nice! Just have to wait and see!

About the time we hang out haha

One Such Chance Encounter

One such encounter,
That far off time,
That such time,
But not far off,
Within my mind.

That kind encounter.
Those times,
That life can bring.

That care.

That far off time
One such encounter,
For but a brief time.

Such was that time.
For the fleeting moment.

The one moment,
Out of my darkness it came.
That such chance.

Fleeting in its momentary state.

That time,
The one I didn’t see,
As clearly as I would like.

That moment,
A dear moment,
Casual in,
Wonderful in,

One such encounter.

Writing a storyesque poem, thinking back on a time, seemingly so long ago, meeting someone so nice,

So nice to talk to. By total accident. Total chance.

It helped me, for a while, escape from a bad situation, my mind become free. Such a casual, unusual, beautiful encounter.

One I truly miss.

Out of many memories of mine, it’s probably the one I miss most. It was casual, pure, unexpected, an escape for the both of us, I think, perhaps. For a time.

If there’s a memory, a time I could relive, I probably would choose that. Remember it so well, it brought a light to that whole weekend, when I felt lost.

Such a time, from one such chance encounter.

Little Hope

This little hope,
A flame burning bright,
Flickering, yes, but ever-burning.

No matter the cold air rush,
The flame burns on, through,
A little hope.
A hope for what is to come,
A path to take,
A try at giving it all.

A little hope,
A show of faith,
A kindness shown,
To bring me back,
To help me find the path.
To find my path,
To show me to look,
To find what I seek,
What I hope.

This little hope,
A little hope,
An enjoyment to the trials,
Which I’ll overcome.

Looking back,
Those trials I have overcome,
The many,
Always fade to monotony,
But to remember,
What I have done.

Against all odds,
I’ve  given my all,
To claim what wasn’t in sight.
To grab what I could not achieve.
To achieve it.

A little hope,
My guide,
A path for my determination,
To aim my path.
Aim my drive.

This little hope.

Writing this, had a really rough start to today, a rough night last night. Feeling better, good seminars, learnt more, support from my teachers, joking with me, giving jokes and support for the path I want to take, feeling more hopeful. Feeling a lot better. And after this improvement in my day, a kind friend messaged me, nothing much, but wondering if I was free to meet up. I wasn’t, but this message, helped me to see more clearly, helped again, provide hope when I stopped bothering to look. When I gave up, a choice, but also not one.

Feeling a little hopeful.

Thanks to the kind friend, who without knowing anything was being done, has helped me tonnes. Thank you. Hope to see you soon!

Chance By Chance

Chance by chance,

One day,
By chance,
In passing,
One opportunity,
A catch-up from nowhere.

Chance out of time,
Context and in this light.
The sunny day passing by,
Promise made,
A smile before off.

Chance by chance.
A random chance,
Time of opportunity in potentiality.

A card at the play,
Chance at the next turn,
The next roll to be found,
What a change, what a chance.

Chance by chance this change is made.
Perseverence made by change,
Change rewarded by chance.
A change for the better.

Better, faster.
A change, a chance, by chance.
To bring another,
Another change, another chance.

A step.
Chance by chance.
One at a time.
Everything shining through the clouded sky,
When given time to shine through,
Awaiting a chance, a change.
A change made,
By chance opportunity,
By choice taken.

Chance by chance.

Such an unbelievably phenomenal day, met a friend I haven’t seen in ages, we passed each other by chance a couple times and I said we should meet up and finally got round to messaging before we went for some sport. Had like a 2 hour catchup.

Talked about so much! Caught up and we’re so surprisingly similar it was kinda scary haha 😂

Was cool and the rest of the day got brighter and my work was more productive with less time. All of this, from a couple of chance occurrences, making a chance occurrence an opportunity with further more.

Walking the Wire

Walking along this Wire,
A fine line of life.
Written into the words, that is life.
The words to come,
Words let go into the past.
Of what is to come?

Walking the wire,
The lines in my poetry book.
Tangibly running through life.

A line running true,
Back into the past, and on into the future.
Connecting me,
Walking this wire,
True and through.
Now, then, going to be and now.

Written with inspiration from Imagine Dragons’ Walking the Wire. Sitting and standing on the train on my way home, like the other poems about journeying.

Nothing More Beautiful

Nothing more beautiful,
Than the sharing of mind,
Sharing of kindness,
Of soul.

Etched into time, into location.
Echoing eternally, throughout existence.
Brought into being,
From the smallest of moments.
The slimmest of chances.

Nothing more beautiful, your hand in mine,
My mind open to you,
Letting you in.

Sharing my fears, hopes and feelings.
Sharing your troubles, love, and hurt.

To hold you close,
As you do me.
Not letting go,
Together facing the world.
Darkness unable to touch us.
Our path, clearing the darkness.
One light to support the other when flickering.
Turning a flame to a firestorm of passion and care.

Holding your hand,
Sharing this moment.

In this very moment.
All is perfect.
You are there.
Sharing this with me.
Nothing more beautiful.

Getting to know another,
Share with another.
A moment to live on.

Nothing more beautiful.

Some music inspired this, Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now, but the poetry came from my heart and thoughts.