Be There

To be there,
A simple reality,
Simple comfort.

My name,
Always a message away.
Always a call away.
Never far,
When you need me most.

Being there,
What I do,
What I try.
To show the light,
As I’ve been through my own dark.

Always to try and help,
Not letting any friend,
Face the dark alone,
Always there,
How far you need.
Be there.
For you.

Celebrating your victories.
Urging you on, in your defeats, only temporary.

To be there.
Always being there.
A pledge for myself and to you.
To be there.

Blushing Excitement

Blushing excitment,
A wonderous feeling.

Butterflies in my stomach.
My mind rushing, racing and still.
A single image.
Single place.

Everything normal,
With a concurrent feeling.

Finding myself lost in the music.
Occasions where I stop. Think. Look up. And blush.

This blushing excitement,
Making the world warmer,
Making it lighter.

Such excitement, a blushing excitement, to be found, already found.

Words escape me,
How can I capture this feeling?
Words cannot describe,
Though I try.
The feeling.
Explained in images:

The warm orange of sunrise,
The deep purple of twilight,
A small young bird, looking out into the world.
Surrounded by friendly faces,
Caring people,
Feeling found.

An excitement for the future,
For what is to come.
What I desire to make.
To show, to shine and to live bright.

All through this blushing excitement.

Empty Loss

This empty loss,
Alien feeling.
Dissatisfied with comfort,
Confusing feelings.

A storm out of nowhere,
Consuming me from within.
Left empty, empty loss, without feeling.

Death from nothing.
Mourning started before the total loss.

The dark shroud to come,
The empty abyss that comes from bliss,
the loss, and the emptiness.

An alien infection,
Suddenly coming over me,
For no reason.

Feeling left my mind.
A loss to the world.
Frozen out of existence.

Of hurting my friends,
Those I hold dear.

Needing to drift off,
Away into darkness,
A figment, a distant memory.

The empty figure.
The empty loss.

Leaving out the door,
Without looking back.

Wondering, hoping.
With my empty loss,
The only friend I can’t hurt,
My only possession.

The dark figure,
An empty loss,
A scar on the world.

Drifting into the dark abyss,
Of emptiness,
Of loss.


Chained inside the confines of the mind,

Tearing to get out,
Find an escape,

My little comforts keep my going,
Chained up within my mind,

There is little comfort to be found,
Through the harsh metal,
Cold fingers, grasping and clinging round me,
Tightening the more I struggle,
Choking me, the more I try to escape.

Images flash,
People leaving,
Hurtful words said,
Blame attributed to me.
Hurtful words stinging like a hot iron,
Applied directly to the core of my mind.

These chains also hold me,
Keep me from falling,
Keep me going,
Against my will,
But is my entirety,
Is my existence

Is my being and my living.

These chains, confine and continue me.

Your Kindness, Your Care,

Your kindness and care,

You offer, it’s comfort surrounds me,

Compliments the concurrent pain.

I appreciate it, but it still provides pain.

It’s funny, this simultaneous kindness, care and pain.

I love it, I hate it,

But I love you,

In vain, but that’s the fact, that’s the reality.

Seeing you happy, in whatever form that takes,

That means the world to me,

I would do anything to help,

Even if it causes me more pain.

That help you may gain from it,

Would make it worth it.

The pain, kindness and care,

All supplementing one another.


I cannot offer much, but kindness, care and love.
But that is me,
No matter how you hate it.
That is me.
No matter how you don’t want it.

I will be around, to offer this kindness and care.

If you ever want, ever need.

This is me,
My Kindness
My Care.