Finally Feeling

Finally feeling,
Finally feeling good,
Warm, nice and content.

A world of feeling.
Unable to explain.
The words escaping me,
The warmth of the sun, rising from the depths of night.
The happiness of a child, oblivious and free.
The freedom of an eagle, flying above all constraints.

I have found myself,
I have.
Finally feeling.

Finally free.
Running through all that stands in my way.
With care,
And happiness.

The moment of finding.
The moment of feeling.
The freeing nature of being.

The uncovering.
The escaping.
The kindness that comes with being,
When one is found, when one finds.

A long time coming.
Long-time in the waiting.
Content and along the path.
Making my own path.
Freeing and running.

Off I go.
In feeling.


Finally freeing.

Coming to Terms

Coming to terms with the pain,

Not hurt now,

But the memories still pierce me,

My friend saved me,

But nothing can save me from the past,

From my memories.

Trying to come to terms with all that has come to pass,

To make right by my past.

I know I will have regrets,

I know I could not escape them.

And when I look deep. I’m glad I made them.

To show me the truth I otherwise would not have seen.

To show me the corrupt in the gold.

To strip me of my humanity and show me the inhumanity in existence.

I am content, but these thoughts, the past.

Come so far,

Made so much progress.

Coming to terms. That is another matter.

Always another time,

One delay after another.

Oh how the past can sting, can hurt, can pierce.

I am coming to terms,

Making my mistakes right.

Letting go of mistakes that found me in their cold grasp.

Coming to terms, with everything, totality, existence.

Coming to terms with life.