Those Short Few Times

Those short few times,
The moments so few,
Memories from start to end,
Missing those moments as they’re Left to memories, having blown away in the wind.

Times so few, so sweet.
Memories lasting,
As the times fade away.

The times shared.
So nerdy and far behind.

Missing those times as they fade.

So sweet, so few.
Memories bringing me to a chuckle.
The cute and nerdy days.

The world left to a shine,
With the memory of those short few times.
The sun radiantly shining over the hill,
The blueness of summer skies.

Smart, funny, talented and caring,
Within those short few times,
Those past summer days.

Writing this to a friend that’s gone away. Will miss them. Knew then only for but a short time. Nice times. Times, nice summer days.


To Remember

The cherishing of all those moments,
Those chats.
Built on,
A whole world past,
Making and making this mind of mine,
This kind.

Holding the memory in place.
Thanks, place and hope.
That last day shining,
Beauty in the sun,
The world shining bright,
Kindness, cuteness and wonder.

All held true,
Remembering it all,
For what it was.

Brief, kind, nice.
A time.
Hopefully not for the end,
Golden times,
So much, little, casual and kind.
Kindest moments,
Those little chats,
About it all,
All sorts.

To remember.

Happy right now, also little happy-sad, thinking, of memories, times, conversations. Then thought of my unusual memory for social events, remembering it even many times being able to quote 80% of something said. I’ve always known the reason, as a kid, never saw friends outside of school much, so I made sure a time months ago would be memorised for all I could. Something that has come in both useful and maladaptive for my mental health, but overall, almost a world of help and helps to go on, remember and lots of stuff.

Unfortunately this memory doesn’t go into other areas necessarily, work was stressed last night but yeah. Oh well, live in the moment of happy-sad bliss.

Happy Send-Off

The happy send-off,
As I wait in normalcy,
The moment long,
Anticipating, waiting to see the shine.

A long moment, the send-off in the waiting.

A happy-sad goodbye, happy send-off,
The times,
Flashing in my mind,
Those moments.

The happy-sad moments,
In the making in the living,
Beauty in the seeing,
For the finite moment, time.

Nerves come,
For a moment,
Mind pondering,
Placing it in mind,
Before the memories flood,
And the feelings feel,
It all fades,
Leaving the slight smile in the middle of nothing, nowhere.

A gleeful smile,
A happiness, pure,
But simple,
Simple and kind.

Nothing more,
Kindness and care,
Simple times,
Wondrous happenings.

All in the waiting,
During, for,
A happy send-off

A beautiful time,
As it passes,
I hold on,
To keep,
To stop it slipping away.
I try.
I cease this.
To make it.
The feeling and care,
For a time,
To keep it from fading,
But for a moment.

Before the inevitable, beautiful send-off.

Writing this, again, happy, but also sad and pondering, thinking, still happy.
Another date in the mix, but yeah, thinking.

Like the sadness of a goodbye, briefly after the hello, a long period in waiting, long knowing. Thinking. But it’s not a sadness, but a happy-sadness.

Funny, emotions are, the feeling, worry, happiness, pain and uncertainty all at the same time. The mind, happily plodding about, in this moment, trying to sort it all out. But at least I’m doing okay now, better, lost but looking, and okay in this.

Writing this bit hours after the first part, got two more meet-ups organised, all so soon, maybe, excited, she is too. Want to make a good send-off, times I’ll always remember.

With motivation. I have managed to do something I’ve been trying for ages, all in hope and kindness and care and for such amazing times.

Sweet Time

Sweet time,
Oh how it is,
A time to chat.

The time so nice,
A moment,
To take, hold, make the most of,
Before a bitter-sweet goodbye.

It makes the world bright,
Makes everything warmer,
More sweet.

Oh the memory,
How the new are made,
Specific vivid memories,

Amazing time, amazing person, amazing future. All shown, perfect and in flux. Thinking of the person I had a date with. Chatted again after work, it was sweet and cute, was so nice!!!

Lost For Words

Lost for words
Beautiful moment.
A crystal, so much and little.
A world, inside the shard.

Casual perfection,
Precious moment,
Shared, experiencial,
A moment finite and gone.

Am lot for words,
In this moment,
Mind a blur,
Thoughts running amok.

It all.
Fleeting and perfect. It all,
The place.
It all,
That smile,
So casual,
The laughs.

Perfect, words lost me. Perfect. Aoboutely perfect. Amazing time at my friend’s house for dinner and I brought dessert, a movie, deep and varied chats. Perfect in its totality. A night to remember.

For It All

For it all,
The beautiful song in the dark,
Light in the blackest of nights.

The life, left in the moment,
The poetry of time.
Life singing through all this time.

The speaking of the moment,
The life and the living,
Moments not yet spoken,
Moments in the balance,
Waiting, being.

Wanting to be better,
To show my colours shine.
To embody my world,
And make it all worthwhile.

The life to be lived and held.
A world in the making.

Always limited in the meaning,
The being,
Making of it all.

The delicate times,
Moments shared and made,
Thinking of it all,
The uncertain path ahead,
The hurt of the goodbye,
Hoping it is but for a time.

To bring, and make this time mine.

A time to shines.
To make it mine.

Writing this, thinking of my friend I’m meeting up with again, thinking about lots, the past another friend reminded me of. Lots to think of, the messages we send and make, the times we hung out. All amazing. Making me better, wanting to be better. Making me want to stretch and encompass the world.

Been talking also to my American friend, thinking, hoping that all I could do, could make them feel, even a little better. They truly deserve it. I can do nothing, but will do my all, give my all, and make it count.

The Time To Be

The time to be,
A time,
Looking forward in anticipation.
Looking forward to that moment,
That time,
So nice the chats,
All the times of the past,
Looking forward in the mind,
That time,
A time to be.

The time in the making,
All the time,
Good in every moment,
Even through the thinking,
The thinking of all to come.
It all being worth facing,
The kind feelings,
Nice moments,
All at peace,
In the most finite moments,
Beautiful times.

All being at peace,
Those nicest moments.

This time to be,
These moments,
In the making.
Feeling full,
In the moment.
Of the being.

In those moments,
On display in the mind.
In time.
Of it all.

The crossroads ahead,
Ready for it all,
While also not,
In all the uncertainty.

Okay for the coming times.
All the beauty,
Happy-sad times in the moment.
To be found in time,
Oh how it all happens,
The times and the change.

It all,
Moment by moment,
A time in feeling,
In the time.

In the.
In this,
In the time to be.

Nice, writing this, thinking of all the times to be.

All the moments, really nice day out with my dad, talked to the friend I’m meeting up for a movie night with. Quite ecstatic, chatting is always nice. Remember it exactly when I first got to chatting them. A total surprise at the first moment, chatting all nerdily about Star Wars and got to talking about so much more since. About passions, aims, experiences and it was awesome. So much since, helping, chatting. All really nice. Worried about things in the future, but this feeling. Helps to dispel the worries, thinking about all those good times.

On The Off Chance

On the off chance,
Beauty of a setting summer’s sun.
On the off chance,
That time of all the laughs,
And messages,
Off into the night.

A chance,
Out of nowhere,
Been meaning to,
Take the off-chance.

To try,
Reminders of the times so far gone.
So much changed in no time,
To give a try.

An off-chance from beghinning to end.

Those times,
Looking off into the past,
To know,
To see.

On this off-chance,
Taking the chance,
To get to know,
From the smallest of moments.

Most casual of little times.

A sweet-kindness,
To will on my willpower,
Getting to know,
Through the smallest of moments.

In time,
Greeting to,
The smallest, sweetest, most casual of smiles.

There is no such thing as perfection,
Just a perfect feeling.
Making of the subjective,
Will and strength for the forward.
For it all to be alright.

The perfect feeling.

The random chance,
This off-chance of the world,
Making me feel alive.

Body raising,
Breathing, pushing far through the universe.
To make the most of it,
To show me,
And discard who cannot see,
I will brave the dark seas.

All the world and the intracies,
A torrent of experience,
Of feeling.
All the world,
All it has and may be.
From the off-chance.
Start to end,
All in the off-chance.

Has an amazing day, messaged an old friend that I didn’t think I would see again. We’ve not only chatted but also organised a movie night. So excited!

Been writing this on and off for over 4 hours.

Then some bad stuff came up at work. My mind, it tries, and it overthinks, the worst combination. Trying means I care and thus think. Overthinking means I have to try not to care in an effort to stop overthinking.

Either way, nothing will stop me feeling happy for now.

Beauty Of A Couple Words

Those beautiful few words,
True, expression of the mind,
Worth, help.
In this world that can be so.
So cold.

So much help and care to offer.
Too much care to give.
To help where I failed, where I faultered.

To try.
To give and to share.

To be,
To rage into the night,
With this light by my side.

To be, live and go on.
To go on living.
To go on fighting,
Fighting for living,
Fighting for caring.

Writing this, happy, amazing, phenomenal, an amazing day, with amazing mates, introduced to this wonderful person, we chatted ages at this party, politics, conservation, science, policy and all sorts of nerdy stuff. But it was all good appreciated and really cool, meeting them as a friend put us together. It was really cool. Such an amazing night!!

Take The Chance

Take the chance,
Wherever it may take you.
Being out there,
It’s all about the chance,
Those chance times,
Whever they… may lead.

The off chance.
For those times.
Off taking the chance.
The times,
So young,
So much is uncertain.

The beauty,
And also its curse.

A curse, worth the beauty,
Worth its beauty.

For a time so fleeting.
The time by chance,
All the chances,
Beauty of this fleeting time.

Look at what I believe in.
A time so beautiful.

At this fleeting chance.

To have taken the chance.
The time made perfect.
The casual time,
A time fleeting,
In the beauty of what it was and is.

Writing this thinking of chance, time, times, good things and times, those fleeting times, beauty, and the whole world being perfect, perfect in its casual imperfections, its casual but also perfect being.

Happy and sad writing this, a beautiful feeling, but has me thinking.