How You Capture Me

Out of nowhere, you grab me.
A message and you’ve captured me.
Just you.

You and your radiant beauty.
Without even trying.

Capturing me,
Mind, body and soul.
Your; mind body and soul.

Your simple, natural, whole beauty.
It’s just you.

Your natural shine,
Bright smile,
Cute face.
Perfection whole.
Perfection true.
Perfect you.

How you capture me,
In all those simple ways,
Simple, beautiful ways so true.

You capture me whole,
Capture me true.

How you capture me.

Written listening to Little Things by One Direction, their only song I like.

Another love poem, poem spurred by a kind, sweet message. One beautiful, natural and true.


Poetry Of Being

Poetry of being,
Liiving the moment,
Content in existence.

Thinking back,
Back there,
You there mere steps away,
Side turned away,
Total beauty,
Just as you are,
Just you,
For you.

Then it hits me.
What natural picturesque beauty,
That I’ve managed to stumble across.
Thinking back across all those blissful moments shared.
Back to the moment we first met.

That very first moment,
Your beauty clear,
To me then as now.
But you truly shined,
Only once getting to know you.
The you behind the beauty.
The truest beauty to be found.

The beauty of a person behind,
Behind the shroud of not knowing.
The truest beauty to be found.
And then the songs sang.
The poetry of the world opened up.

To pick me up.
To give my all,
In everything I do.
Poetry of being.

Thinking, happy, of being, love, feelings. The truest feeling, to see beauty beyond the pretty face, beyond the beautiful body. The beauty of being; personality, smiles, crying. To know someone better and truer, in their times both happy and sad. There isn’t a better feeling.

This feeling isn’t everything, but it makes everything that much better.

Poem made listening to Beautiful Birds and Anywhere by Passenger

Beyond Compare

Beyond compare,
You are beyond compare,
The way are.

The way you look,
Make-up or not.
Work uniform, pyjamas or casual.
Your beauty shines through,
Beyond compare.

Your beauty,
Others come by,
Beauty shining through.
But you.
You stand there,
No make-up on.
And you are beyond compare.

The way you are.
Beyond compare.

Your kindness,
Sweet voice,
And those sweet moments with you.

The way you are.
Just you.
You are.
Always beyond compare.

Ordinary Perfection

Ordinary perfection.
From your small kindness.
Something simple,
Something small.
But for me, it’s
Meaningful and perfect.

To know someone cares,
Someone understands.
I hope to show the same kindness.
Understanding, care, and compassion.

So perfect,
Kind, caring.

A laughing moment,
Joking moment,
Casual moment,
Working moment,
Stressed moment,
Fun moment.
Many moments,
Small, ordinary moments.
Nice perfect moments.

Someone I deeply care about,
Who can always rely on me.
A person who embodies perfection,
Of the best kind,
A real, ordinary perfection.

Writing, feeling much better. Thinking of the friend who helped me tonight.

The title could be misconstrued, I mean how some such ordinary or small things can be the most perfect.

Like my friend Ruby giving me their favourite book that reminds them of me, it was so so similar to me, and I kept finding more things to relate to.

My friend I mentioned earlier, just really care about them, always hoping that they’re okay, always wanting to help when I can. They’ve been so nice and are one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Someone who, somehow, unbelievably, brightens my day when I see her, even if I’m stressed or worried, just seeing her, somehow changes that.

Hate that I Love You, But I Do.

The dichotomous feelings,
I hate that I love you,
Always caring about you,
Always thinking,
Wanting to help,
Be kind, be nice.
To show you how beautiful you are.
But I do. I care.

Why do I hate this so?
The pain of seeing you hurt,
The pain of slipping away.
The pain of the slight word,
Or the hurtful comment.
Enough to crush me,
Yet I continue on.

I cannot explain,
I care, but I hate it, but love it too.
I would do anything I can.
Knowing I may learn to regret this.
But hoping I won’t.

I care,
And hope to help.

Poem I’m writing, after the time I came up with the title, (9.30pm 28/11/17 – when I came up with the title and ‘felt’ the poem). I date it to when it was written completely. While writing later is for convenience as I may not have time in a busy day of work.

Wrote, thinking of someone I truly care about, where I cannot explain. But I hate that I do because it hurts, it may hurt them. But don’t, because of the feeling, the care the warmth. My only answer? Not to think about it, to push away the pain, for another time.

I again, I am okay now, feeling better than when I came up with the title. I really am in a great mood, but just overthink far too much unfortunately. It’s okay and I am really good! I wrote the title, and didn’t want to leave it unfinished.

Idea 9.30pm, 28/11/17

Note to self: Most poems are published when written (and title made up). The few tonight are an exception I had made the names of the poems, while feeling them. Now I only need to write the rest and publish:

Memory of a Time
Reluctant Tear
Hate that I Love You, But I do.
To Bear the Rough

For You I Say

For you I say,

I care,
More than you can know.
So much that it hurts,
But it’s worth that.
Would do anything I can for you.

For you I say,
Your beauty, uncompared,
Kindness true,
Compassion you showed,
Trying, once before, to help me.

For you I say,
Know your worth.
Know yourself and prosper.

For you, I say,
I will never try to hurt you,
But what if I have to go?
To hurt you less.

For you I say,
You are not my day,
But you never fail to make it brighter.

For you I say,
When I hear that favourite song,
Only you I see.
Remembering the memories.

For you, I apologise.
That I cannot explain.
My thoughts and feelings.
I only feel them.
I cannot help them.

For you, I remember,
The first time we met,
And every time since.
No matter what’s happened,
There are no regrets.

I am flawed,
But I am me.
Trying to be ever-better.
Unapologetically. Me.

For you I say,
No matter how you compare yourself,
Unfavourably attractive than others,
I do not see.
All I think of is you.

For you I say,
You never have to be alone,
I’ll help with all I can.
Do all I can.
No matter how much it hurts.
Because I care.
For you I say I care.

For you I end,
Maybe it’s the ramblings of a madman,
A lovestruck madman.
But this is me.
For you I say,
This is me.
All I can offer.

Trust the Feeling

In peace,
Waiting, thinking.
My mind spinning with glee.
Thinking of you.

Trust the feeling.
The feeling that grabs me,
Away from my once-clouded thoughts.
A feeling that compliments me. Before. Us.
Not tearing it away.

I wish to tell you,
How I feel,
To trust the feeling.
I’m afraid to hurt you,
To push you.
I only wish to help
To be there for you.

How I wish,
To be there for you,
To have you there, for me.

Trust the feeling,
I have to.
To try.
To do what I can,
To help her,
I would really do anything for her.
To see her smile,
To see her face,
Brightens my day.

Oh how I’m unsure,
If I should trust my feelings.
Though I want to.
I want to.
Trust my feelings.

Sincere Embrace

Sincere embrace,
True moment.
Just resting,
In your embrace,
Comfort, care.

The way I rest in your arms,
You in mine.

A moment,
Detached from reality,
Falling out of time.

A simple, true, perfect moment.
The world gone simple,
But for a moment.

A moment to prove.
My feelings,

To be by your side,
And you by mine.
Content, simple and kind.

Just being there.

Lost in our moment.


From a sincere embrace.

Writing this watching Stranger Things, thinking of things, thinking of feelings, moments, emotions, and the many heartfelt embraces in the final episode of season 2.

The Inexplainable

This feeling,
This moment by your side,

A beauty,
Both inside and out.
Beauty unaware to itself.

What I feel,
The feelings,
Are inexplainable.
A warmth to stave away the cold
A light to shine in the darkest places.
Casual yet also phenomenal.

The best of times,
To give light to the future,
Hope for being,
Strength for bettering.

Oh what you do to me,
This inexplainable feeling,
The time in the moment.

My feelings,
Words inadequate.
Thoughts mixed and convoluted.

Afraid to hurt you,
To be hurt again myself,
But the feeling,
This feeling,
The good and the bad.

No, not any bad.
Just the fears to be realised and conquered.
Pain to be healed and put aside.

Inexplainable feeling,
My heart beating.
Mind racing,
A kind heart, you,
Melting my heart in place.

Oh I sit here thinking.
Just thinking.

This inexplainable feeling,
Inexplainable thoughts

As I sit here thinking.

Not really happy with this poem, been writing it on and off for most of the day.

Can’t get it right to explain the feeling, but I guess that’s apt for this inexplainable feeling.

Just thinking, happy, but thinking. Happy. But yeah.

Lots of rambling, writing the end half of it while watching the last episode of Stranger Things season 2.