The Way I See You

The way I see you,
Your face lit up by the sunlight,
Your hair, resting on your shoulder.

The feeling,
Sitting next to you,
The feeling,
My heart beating faster.

You sit there,
Taking my brath away,
A witness to your kindness.
Feeling at peace.
At peace next to you.

Here I sit thinking.
Thinking in peace,
Smiling to myself.
Chuckling to the memory.

Held by the feeling.
In the way I see you.

You being you.
A person with, I can be me.

Oh, the way I see you.


Ramblings On Love, and Life

Something to share, to be, feel and give.

Something whole, yet always wanting more, to give more, share more, show more.

To face down darkest times, to help fight a way through the dark, and to find a way when it isn’t clear. To find a way to help when one isn’t shown. And when all options have been exhausted. To give a kind embrace, of heart, mind, and actuality, to help. The best feeling. To give your all, to help someone you deeply care about. To be there, even if their pain hurts you to see them so. Bear it, to help them even for but a moment. Especially if they would, they have, done the same for you.

Held you through your trials, your troubles. It isn’t owed, but in the mind it is. Confusing. Like an unsaid promise, not done because of obligation but an self-internal obligation for yourself and for them.

Such feelings cannot be explained. Only felt. Rare as they are. They are perfect. They are everything but at the same time, not, an important part of many that make you whole.

I could write for days right now. But should not.

Amazing to think, all they’ve been through, to help. I’m under no obligation to, but the one I set myself. The one I must fulfil only because of my choice, my care, my love and choice.

This feeling, bliss and happiness, I urge everyone, as I will try to do. To infuse it into everything else:

The will, power, determination, happiness, strength, care, compassion, love, hope, persistence. To feeling good, no, great, amazing. For yourself, everything, everyone. Then the sun will shine through the thick fog, over any mountain, rendering everything perfect, even as it isn’t, it will be.

An everything from not everything to make everything into a perfection that isn’t perfect, but at the same time, it is.

Looking at all the WordPorn phrases I’ve saved, picking the best related ones, the ones that touch me and bring tears of joy, happiness and deep thought. Here they are:

Sleepless Nights

Pure bliss.
Pure nights
The times to be remembered.
More than any other.

A place,
I can be me.
A time to be free.
To be fine, being me.
I always am.
But now,
The care.

A sleepless night to come.
At rest.
Not wanting to see the day end.

Smiling uncontrollably,
To myself.
To the night gone by.
I hoped would never end.

It had to.
But my day has not.
The day to be me.
The care to see,
To share.

A day over,
A beautiful day,
A blissful night.
Another to come,
To share the bliss,
Share the love and care.

To show care,
For the uncared.
To help all I can.

Revitalised in my essence.
Made in this.
I am me.
The care I feel.

A feeling never to lose.
Holding on tight,
To never let go.
And to shine the light,
In the rest of my world.

A changed world.
Achanged me.
The demons chased away by my own hand.
A new me I have formed.
A new me.
To keep.

A sleepless, strange night.
Bliss found from an unexpected place.
A beautiful life.

A beautiful time.
A beautiful life.
A sleepless night,
Pondering this beautiful night.

A beautiful night, beautiful day, golden and bright.

The care, laughs and crazy time.

I cannot possibly put into words; the feeling.

One of, no, the best night. Many more of them to come, I’m better. Have been for a while. I’ve overcome my demons. Overcome the pain. Found a way. Revitalised by many things recently. And finally. A night of beauty, to mark a new me, a new path. To see the wonder and awe coming over the horizon.

Greatest of Days, Sweetest of Nights

The greatest of days, sweetest of nights.
Blissful moments,
Sweet sunrises,
Blissful nights.
Peaceful minds,
At rest. Sweet and happy.

Those moments,
Rare to come by.
Perfect in acuality.
The sweetest reality.

Perfect in being,
Demons drifting,
Fading away.
As they never were.

A moment,
A feeling,
To be grasped in reality,
Held in memory.
Cherished in the past,
Through a bright future to come.

“Come with, the future’s bright”.
The truth,
Not often seen.

Golden when found.
Precious, calling into the darkness of the past.
Scaring the darkness away.

Forcing my way into the light.

The happiness to be found,
Life to be held,
Heart felt,
Those greatest of days, sweetest of nights.

One Worth It

One worth it,
Waiting, one worth the wait,
Worth my care,
My love.

Out there,
To be revealed,
When I least expect.
In those smallest of moments.

One, to care for,
In all their times of need.
Willing to let me in.
One to rely on,
Who knows,
They can rely on me.

To face their demons.
My hand in theirs,
The whole way.
To face mine,
With them,
By my side.

To conquer the darkness,
And walk out stronger, victorious.

Worth the wait.
To find the diamond.
A diamond in the rough.

Beauty in an unexpected place,
An unexpected moment.
A person flawed,
But beautiful all the same.

Thinking about love,care and what it means to me to share yourself with someone who wants to do the same. Such beauty can be found, in such unexpected places. Perfect in their “imperfections”. A subjective beauty, subjective perfection all the same.

Finding My Way

Finding my way in this open world.
The path unclear,
I’ll find my way.

Off I’ll find.
That golden sunset I’m looking for.
The warmth on my face.

The open door to my world.
Those crazy times to come.
Out in this open world.

The shared night,
Made so bright.
The path ahead.

On I go.
To make the path I seek.

Scaring the demons away.
Confidence unparalleled.
Strength to show.

Will to fight,
The demons away.
To claim my day.

To claim my life.
Claim my path.
Claim my way.

Open up my world.
Let the sky sing.

Off I go.
Making my way.

Anything For You

Anything for you,

Bracing my demons,
To stand beside you,
As you face yours.

Anything for you.
Even from afar.
Crushing my soul.
Making it gold.

The confused feeling.
The rampant thoughts.
The pain you leave me.
To no fault of your own.

Crushing my soul under foot.
To stop the feeling.
Or so I try.
Until you revive it,
Despite my best of efforts.

Bringing me back.

Anything for you.
Even through the pain.
I’ll rise.

Anything for you.
No matter what people say.

Worth all the pain in the world.
Just to see you smile.
That kindly smile,
The cute laugh.
The puppy-eyes that make me melt inside.

Thoughts I’m told to leave behind.
Feelings keeping hold.

Care still there.
Anything for you.

In The Mirror

In the mirror.

The pain and the bliss.
The erupting of feeling,
My heart unable to handle,
To make sense.

Looking into the mirror of the mind,
That mirror of feeling.

The dark smile,
The happy grin.
Both consuming.

My heart,

Wanting the path to show,
Even through my trials.
Trials of my feeling.

Feeling and being.
The pain,
Numbed by the bliss.
Hurt by my uncertainty.

My curse of feeling.

The ripping of myself,
Side to side of feeling.
The mirror with two sides.
My Janus face in the mirror.

The wreck.
Trying to piece.
Back together.

Leaving it to the morn,
To forget the hurt and the feeling.
To walk past.

Walk past my feeling.
The feelings.
Not to be helped.

The Janus of feeling.
In me.
In this mirror of mine.
In this mirror of mine.

Pain Of A Glance

Oh the glance that glance
The glance that crushes me.
The glance that gets me.

That glance.
Crushes and lifts me,
At every chance.

The pain of a glance.
A crushing blow.
The crushing time.

Sitting out in the cold.
Pondering my decisions.
My mistake.

That glance.
Can’t help it.
Captures me.

Despite all I try.
Must pull away.
Find my own way.

The pain,
Yet also delight.
Of a mere glance.

The noticing.
The pain in my heart.

Even as it hurts,
I go and on.
On and it paons me.