Watching the Ghost Fade

Watching the ghost fade,
The places change form,
My mind moving yet also lingering.

Flashes before me,
Just below the sunlit sky.

Thinking, letting a past die,
Just leave,
End immediately.
Let me find peace.

The ghost fading, to a mere memory.
To nothing.

I stand here,
Going about my day,
The ghost fading before me,
Hoping for a fade to nothing.

Been more of a mixed day, but I’m okay, work good, my assessments all going well. Don’t really know if this is a storyesque poem or not.


The Gentle Setting Sun

The gentle setting sun,
The warm orange glow,
Just on the horizon.
Slowly fading to black.

Setting, gentle sun.

A start to the night sky,
A end to the bright of day.

A moment encapsulating time.

A moment encapsulating many moments.

The gentle setting sun.

Feelings That Never Fade

Feelings that hurt,

Don’t fade,

No matter how hard you try,

That linger, that persist.

Even through the pain caused.

The feelings continue,

No matter how I try for you.

To let go,

To leave,

To numb my mind,

To erase the mind.

To be better,

To strive.

This pain, the feelings linger on.

No matter what I try,

How I try.

I shall continue,

To numb my mind,

My feelings,

For you,

To numb, to erase.

The feelings that never fade.

Fades to Memory

The past,Illusive to touch, to hold,

Slipping out of your grasp like smoke,

Out of your grip like water.
What is left is a mere memory,

A faded copy.

Residual warmth as the boiling kettle leaves.
The warmth of a memory fades over time.
These memories make us,

Remind us,

Keep us,

Hold us,

Resolve us.