The Last Stand

The last stand,
Feeling whole again.
Raging into the sky.
Making a last stand.

Of all the life,
Its all its turns,
A last stand.
Taller, stronger, faster.
To rage and bring this world back to life.

Making this stand.
Breaking out.
Grabbing the mind,
And shaping.
Through the fire and the pain.
To make it mind,
Bring it to heel.

Standing firm, against any hurricane.
Standing tall.
To rage throughout the night.
Care and being through all the darkness.

This pain consumed.
It all taken inside,
To be made mine.

To break apart all my weaknesses, flaws.

Broken they lie.
Triumphant again.
Where I will shine.

Rage and pain my soul,
Broken to be built.
Forged in the flames of pain-all-consuming.

Letting the light break free.
Letting it all out.

The shift of the mind.
Sick and tired,
Raging into the night sky.
Raging through,
This last night’s stand.

To stand tall.
Defiant in the face of pain.
To let be consumed,
Only to break free.
A world made mine.

Made free.
To break every bone,
Totally ripping apart my mind.
To be set alight.
Flames raging bright.

Knowing no change,
But concurrently forging a path.
Molding a mind.
In this darkness,
To flourish, conquer and to stand.
Making my last stand.

Today got better. Finally. Knew, been through terrible pain before many times. Know that I often have to self-harm within the depths of the mind. Find, be, embrace total darkness and pain totality.

To rage and break free. To show the world. Gets to one of those “fuck it, being it all on!” moments.

Went on a good long walk and took the post picture. Relaxed and did fuck tonnes on my dissertation today, enough for many days worth.

Content In Solitude

Content in my solitude,

Alone in the world,

Among the darkness of night.

The long paths taken,

The presence found,

The places been.

Content, alone and moving on.

Marking my presence in the dark of night.

Shifting through being,

An empty wound, moving on and around.

Taking the world in.

Leaving my mark,

A dark spectre on life.

Alone and content in this world.

Moving on and through.

Forging my path with darkness.

In the dark flames of my mind.

The confines of the mind, a raging fire.

The flickering images of the past.

The depths of life,

Echoes of all around.

Within and among, life.

Absorbing and making it mine.

Living and making.

Forging my path through darkness,

Forging my path with those dark flames.

Content in my path.

Living a wound.