The Simple Moment

The simple moment,
A simple time,
All laid, on the table,
Casual conversation through it all.

From nothing into being,
Casual time, after casual time.

This simple moment,
Simple, beautiful, but still so simple.
A casual being,
But made into perfection,
Through its simple nature.

Of how, you can see the world in a sunset,
On a cliff edge,
A seascape or a mountaintop.
Simple moments in time,
Simple moments of location,
Seeing purity from simplicity.
Such a casual-perfect endeavour.

When, you look, back-round.
A realisation hits of this perfection,
Nerves come around,
Kindness, unsual but found.
A simple time, able to show,
A true self buried deep.
Aspects ignored for being alone,
But now not?

These times, moments, so simple,
Yet also so perfect that it confounds my mind.
My brain, understanding the dichotomy,
While also not.
Like a puzzle when solved, but continues to pose questions.

A perfect night,
Casual night,
A mutual goodbye-hello.
From a time been waiting for ages,
While concurrently new and out-of-the-blue.

With so many chances,
Chance on chance on chance,
Making this night,
Line up,
Making us light up.

From the laughs and smiles,
The night’s remembered.
From everything and the feeling.
The night’s cherished.

From everything,
The feeling, simplicity and humanity.
The night’s legacy.

All from but a simple moment,
A night in,
Between two nerds.

Uncapturable simplicity,
Uncapturable significance
Uncapturable perfection.
Cherished in all its meaning.

Goodbye or not. The moment lives on,
A reminder of goodness,
Of all that can.

This perfect, simple moment.

Writing this, trying to capture, the feeling, thoughts, seeing my friend yesterday, for our movie night with cooked dinner and Ben & Jerry’s chats of the past, goals, achievements, dreams and so much more.

Honestly, it was so casual, so, I guess ‘nothing’ but was a perfect night. A perfect night, being able to be myself, be nerdy, chatted Pokemon, something I hadn’t really talked about in ages. Their clear nerdy but cute capability to name them all, and know all things anime. Such a simple moment. One I wished I could capture, but know before writing this that I cannot. But that, I guess, is part of the beauty, as my friend in America says, (paraphrasing/ my interpretation) that beauty comes from the fleeting moment, its being in the moment. What I wrote last night, I felt drunk, very, but totally sober, drunk on life, happy with everything, ecstatic.

Now more calm, collected but still ecstatically happy. My mind running clearer again.

Giddy Moments

Giddy, happy times.
A smile that cannot be hidden,
Chuckles thinking on the time.
A happiness beyond control.
An erasure of everything from before.

What a time,
Those giddy moments.
Fun times.
Sometimes from nothing,
But those smallest moments,
Those meaningless of times,
Meaningless times…
Ones that make everything.

Those times.
Filled with joy.
Those little times.

Those giddy moments.

Thinking of those smallest moments, those little things that make everything better


That rush,

The rush of your mind,

Mind racing with thoughts,

Feeling fast and intense

Nonending and strange… but nice.

Waiting to see,

Waiting and loving life,

Living and finding fulfilment in work,

Everything working out,

Sharing your mind and hearing another.

Another day in the life of this rush.

This ever-rushing flow of ideas,

A million thoughts an hour, propelling me before I even realise.

It’s funny…

These crazy rushed thoughts,

Making me feel ecstatic and unusual,

Funny, giddy and spinning.

This rush…

What a feeling!

Those Little Things

Those little things you do,

That little smile,

That giggle,

My little fox,

The phone call before bed,

Even if only 5 minutes,

Gone to fast,

Lose time in totality,

Swimming in your voice.

That warmth,

From those little things,

That care,

From those little things,

The little things you do.

That make me fall…

Deeper and deeper in love with you.

Those little things.

To give myself to you,

To help you,

To be with you,

No matter what.

Always there if you need.

Are you using me?

Very well maybe.

But for now I’ll let myself, live in love, feeling. Those little things.
Writing this. After a phone call from my crush. At like 12am, a small chat, very nice. She’s phoned me recently every night around then. Been waiting up for it in case, as I’m in love. So happy. Hearing her voice, her mannerisms, her way of talking. Losing track of time, but never being enough.

Giddy Nature

Repetition of existence,

Being in the moment,

Living in the now.

Loving the present.

Excitement for the future.

Such giddy nature.

Don’t let go,

Don’t give in,

Be in the now,

Love the life you hold.

Be full,

With that giddy nature,

Love that being.

Hands held through this giddy nature,

The being of bliss,

Something like this…


This giddy nature.

This giddy nature we hold dear.

We be.

We live.

Live, love, be in the moment…

Of this giddy nature



Your smile makes me grin,

A message from you brightens up my day,

Your jokes make me laugh,

My jokes make me giggle and beam,

You recommend a film and that makes it much better.

You, make me a better version of myself.

One I like.

All I offer is kindness and care.

It is not enough being me, for you.

But it’s all I have to offer.

To be around you.

I feel complete.

I lose track of time.

Everything blurs into the background.

You are my focus,

My giddy self.

That feeling. It’s indescribable.

Fills me with warmth and joy.

Yet when it’s over I hold on,

Play it over in my head,

Hope for the next time.

Live excited knowing I get to see you again.

Any excuse to see you.

That way you come over, sit next to me,

Chat, joke, laugh, or even confide.

Gives me warmth inside.


This, my feelings, my person.

Am I enough? No.

But it is all I am, all I can be.

Now, it is up-

To You.

Giddy In Love

The sweet taste of your words,

The warmth of your care, how I want to hold you close,

Make you feel valued when alone,

Feel wanted when hurt.

The feeling of running around on the spot, energised by a quick word.

Wanting to laugh and cry-happy from the slight glance.

Questions into your life, a welcome sign of care.

One which you play in your mind over and over and over.

The beauty to be seen,

Kindness felt,

Warmth shared.


Am giddy in love.

This glee, is but part of the whole story.