Briefest Glimpses

Briefest glimpses,
Oh the calling of the time,
The world so uncertain,
But certain in knowing,
Defiance against the rage,
The past so dark,
Just for the bright day.

Just trying,
After trying so hard,
Giving up,
On the pain.
Moving past,
Closing that door,
Burning the bridges of my mind.
To renew,
To relight.

Of all the memories,
Corrupted by and through time,
Shown for what they were,
A sight not wanted to be seen.
Just I know.

The pain,
Worth, just to see what wasn’t,
Time, has shone past the lies,
The hurt and the ill-intent.

Just to find peace,
To come to terms.

Of it all,
All paths erased,
Just to find and move past.
Learning from the dark past.

Briefest glimpses,
Acquired through the pain.
Fought and fought,
To find my way,
My way out of the pain.

Just to try,
Mind broken back then,
Seeing clearly now,
A gift from time, from pain and friends.

The world just watched for what it was.
Darkness shown,
Overthrown ideas of what was good,
Pain caused.

Throwing, or trying,
To throw me off from all life,
All from being.

Ridiculed for being.

Now only finding my way,
Out from darkness,
Friends’ care given,
Allowing me to see.

From and with those glimpses,
Giving perspective,
Through pain caused.

Broken only to find the way.

Beauty In Your Own Way

Beauty in your own way,
Your own special way.
Unknowable by another.
A unique friendship,
Unique beauty,
Blissful, kind and caring.

Unique as your smile,
The kind words from your lips,
The gentle way you hold on.

The meaningful moments,
Pure bliss.

The unexpected moments,
Pure beauty found.

A moment easily lost.
A time easily missed.
Yet I found an unexpected beauty,
Like a pure unaltered sunrise,
The silent beauty of a sunset.
The colours of nature,
The gift of friends,
The laughter from those moments.

Beauty comes in all places,
If you know how to look,
If you be patient to see it,
If you’re careful to see,
At peace to know.

A beauty, in your own way.
Whether you see it or not.
It’s always there.
Waiting for you to just…
Open your eyes and see it.
In yourself.
In another- just don’t let it pass by unseen.
Before you lose it to time,
With a mere memory of what was there,
Finite. Missed.

Take a chance.
Take a look.
It’s there.

Don’t be the one to say, “I saw once”. “But let it slip”.
“I didn’t see… until it was gone.”

People miss what was before their eyes.
Don’t let this happen to you,
To anyone.

If they do not see,
They missed out.
You did not.

You saw the sunrise,
The stary night sky,
The universal bliss and wonder.
You see it once? You’ll see it again.
Because you chose to look.
Chose to see.

The beauty in your own way.

Wrote thinking about something a new friend on Moodtrack, Frilly_Moon and I chatted about.

Sorry for the late poem if you’re reading this, been busy and wanted a quiet moment to write this.

After writing this poem, I’d like to say thanks, for the message, the poem, quite therapeutic writing this, like most of my poems but different. Looking at the last. Finding rest, peace.

I’d like to say, in addition to yourself who inspired me to write this, I’d also like to dedicate this to a very recent friend, who showed me light, when, I gave up trying to see it. Even though, you’ll never see this.

The End Has Come. The World Goes On.

The end has come,

The finale, the finite experience.

The realisation.
A life I thought I had lost.
Now come to a close.

Given a glimpse.

The future.

To a change I didn’t want.
A change I have found.
Complete novelty.

The death of the old path I walked,
Kept alive, within my memories.
Fading fast.

A new path outstretched.
New, unfamiliar.

The world goes on.

The path behind me collapses.

A singular choice.
Now the end has come.
To step forth or fall.