Looking Through That Window

Looking through that window,
On into the distant horizon,
Hand on the glass,
Trying to touch the image.

A reality beyond my access,
The cold glass,
The warm horizon.
A world away.

All time passing in the landscape.
While I’m trapped, inside a time stuck. Still.
Looking out past this glass,
Into the the warm sunset,
That I cannot feel.

Waiting, wanting, thinking.
Feeling the yearning.
But beyond this glass barrier,
All I have is a numbing barrier.

The cold glass on my skin,
Cold eyes,
Going numb and tired.
Tired of,
Looking through that window.

The world,

Behind the glass I find myself placed.
Staring out,
Out into the world.

Trapped in this place,
Behind this glass,
A barrier to feeling,
To touch.

But then there’s that warmth,
A small flame of hope,
Just over that horizon.
Just beyond,
To be reached for,
To be found.

But for now.
I find myself.
Looking through that window.
The cold of the glass.

Looking through that window.

Thinking of a person I haven’t seen in a long time, they helped me so much. I kinda miss them. Miss them. But they’re probably busy and have a lot going on. But still. Remember the goodbye. But oh well. Time always passes.

I’m not sad, just thinking, I guess this is a storyesque poem then, kind of. I’m actually quite happy, having almost finished all my essays, in plenty of time. Also listening to a kinda sad song.

In Those Best Moments

In those best moments,
The bright light,
A peaceful night sky,
The world coming together

A thought spared,
A mere moment,
A split-second,
Dwelling on the darkness,
A past, in the past.

Such contrast,
A change.
Realisation from the abrupt.

In those best moments,
Realisation of what life is,
Realisation of what life means,
Happiness, kindness,
The kindest souls who are there,
No ask, mere kindness.

Those best moments,
Smiling out of nowhere,
Being in the moment,
Feeling life.
A eruption from my heart,
The feeling.
A movement,
My soul.

An end to the numb and the hurt.

A feeling long lost,
Long forgotten.
But now found.

The best moments,
The contrast,
Highlighting the path,
The journey,
From, now, where to.

In those best moments,
Living in the moment.
Kind pure moments of life.

From the past,
In the present,
Hope for the path to come,
Living in the moment,
In those best moments.

I’m feeling amazing right now, the day ended really amazingly, chatting to a friend to a friend until very, very late, relaxing after a very productive day. Everything, the good feeling is coming back, has come back, stronger with a realisation.

Writing this based on how sometimes the best moments always come with some thought of the worst parts, because of the contrast, the growth, the realisation, moving past, a realisation. A shining gem to be found in the darkest depths.

The Sad Setting-Sun

On the horizon,
The sad setting-sun,
The orchestral symphony of colour,
The beauty soon to fade.

Tears streaming down a face,
Witnessing an end.
A finite into darkness.
Witnessing a new era.

A time of renewal.
Accompanied by an end.
Tears streaming down a face,
The sadness of a setting-sun.

The inevitable end,
Known in advance.
Hoped would never come.
The symphony of colour,
Soon to go,
Never to be the same.

The memory,
Also soon to fade.
Tears streaming down a face.
Witness of the end.

On to new beginnings,
Better times.
Tears still streaming down a face,
Witness of an end.
A time come to close.
A change so profound.

Waiting for a chance to stay,
Knowing the path lies ahead,
To take a step into the dark.
Off and away.

Tears still streaming down a face- the sad setting-sun.
To let go,
To walk down this path.
Turn turn your back.

To face the setting sun. A last goodbye.
The new beginning to come.
The sadness behind a setting-sun.
With tears streaming down a face.


All quiet. Nobody in sight.

All is busy, yet away from me.

Sitting here. Trying to build reason.

To reassure that I’m not alone,
Not the only person in existence.

It is so quiet though.

Reaching out, wanting a human presence.

To show I’m not the only person in existence.

Looking out at the window.

Wanting a change, yet the past proves me otherwise.

Alone. All quiet.
Reality, existence, barely there.
Hard to know if existence is real.

If I am looking into the cold wind,
The dark horizon.
The quiet eternal storm.

Lone Figure

Lone figure in the landscape.

Sitting on the dark steps.

Pondering the world gone past.

The icy air flowing past,

Dark trees on the horizon,

Night skies, all to be seen.

Alone in existence.

Sitting among the world.

Untouched in the dark.

A wound in life.

The darkness, the only friend, solo comfort.

The lonely figure with only the dark to call upon.

Strength to be found in the dark.

Strength in solitude,

Content in my solitude.

The lone figure.

In solitude. The figures moves on. Into further darkness.

To greet the darkness of the horizon.

Seeing Something

Seeing something out there,

Beyond the fog,

Something not quite in reach,

But maybe in time.




Something not quite in reach,

But something to look for.

May be a dillusion, a mirage,

Some form of miracle.

Yet it’s a start.

A start of a path.



At least that is something.