Finding The Self

Finding the self,
Within the beauty of the time,
Throughout it all.
As the times flow,
Fighting in time.

Fighting the thoughts, doubt within the mind.
Of these times.
All captured within.

Looking in time,
Through time,
And within it all.
All of it.

To find that self.
The calls into the night.

The time within.
Within it all.
This mind of mine,
A rage for the fight.
For the time,
To be there and rise,
From the flames,
Off into the world. It all comes.

How it occurs,
It’s placement within mind,
Within time.

Fighting the past,
To forge a present,
To be it all,
In time.
To make it through.

Finding, the self,
In all the noise,
In all those times.

Trials of feeling, of times. To make anew,
Forged in the fires of experience.

To keep holding true,
In all that comes,
To rage into the darkness of night.
Throughout all those times.

Finding the self, throughout fight, experience and pain.
To keep.
Keep holding true.
No matter what comes to hold back.
To keep.
To go on.
Finding the self.

Little Shine

Little shine,
A light at the end of the tunnel,
A little light found.
A time,
A kindness.

Trying. Ever so hard.
Trying, need to keep to the light.
Remember the kindness,
Always, to try,
To try, to care.

Trying, in peace.
Trying to ward away the darkness,
Bringers of horror, to ruin the day.

Trying to hold onto this little ray,
This little light so nice.
A little time, to be,
A little time,
Making things better,
Little by little.
Time by time.

I try,
I try to keep,
This little light alive.
Try to shine.

Always trying, to keep this little shine.

Everything’s a bit better, saw a friend, sat chatting, talking, was really nice. Has totally brightened my day without knowing.

It’s nice, these times, these small uneventful times.
It’s where the nicest memories, nicest people are found.

Giving everything else worth,
To remember these little times.

Be There

To be there,
A simple reality,
Simple comfort.

My name,
Always a message away.
Always a call away.
Never far,
When you need me most.

Being there,
What I do,
What I try.
To show the light,
As I’ve been through my own dark.

Always to try and help,
Not letting any friend,
Face the dark alone,
Always there,
How far you need.
Be there.
For you.

Celebrating your victories.
Urging you on, in your defeats, only temporary.

To be there.
Always being there.
A pledge for myself and to you.
To be there.

Promise You

Promise you,
Care to stay,
No matter my troubles I face,
I will make it through,
To bolster myself against the demons of my past.

I promise you,
Your past,
All of you,
I’m there for.

To stand by you,
In the dark, cold or rain.
To be there,
To see you smile,
That next time.

Having my own demons to face.
My own to beat.
My triumph to keep.
My promise to you, and to me.

A kindness,
Promised to you.
My care,
Promised to you.
One I’ll keep.

My promise to you.
One I’ll keep.

Authored Loss

An authored loss.
The finite time.
A inevitable end,
The author to the loss.
Sitting, in bliss.
Knowing it’s to come.

Grasping at every moment,
While it is in the here and now.
For if I blink.
It’ll be gone and missed.
Sorely missed.

My time,
To stop its fade.

An author to the loss.
The loss:
Due to time.

Every precious moment.
Kept and held.

Every small time.
Remembered fondly,
For next, eventually.
Will come the authored loss unto time.

Working Out

It all works out,
Being lost in the dark,
The flame,
Almost flickering out,
A cold icy breath,
Fighting to protect the last flame of light.

A fight of life,
The life, all to fight,
Life as a fight against darkness.

The warmth comes,
It all works out,
Worth the protection, worry and doubt.

To protect this precious flame.
This warmth of mine, of me.

This flame I hold,
Mine and of another,
Protecting, shielding and keeping.
It all works out.

This flame of mine,
Its beauty radiant,
Its warmth life-saving.
Precious, kind, little and fierce.

This flame of mine,
The night is coming.
Again, I’ll shield you,
Give you everything I have,
Give you my all.

For all you’ve given me,
My little flame.

It all works out.
My flame, in all your radiance, beauty.
It all works out.

Little Gift From The Heart

Little gift from the heart,

This little treasure,

Care made tangible,

The little gift from the heart,

Showing me the way,

Showing me the value in being human,

Showing the light, to come from the next day.

Showing care in true form,

Feeling made whole.

The new day,

To shroud out the empty feeling,

Showing me the value of being human.

The value of living,

Through those little gifts from the heart.

The kindness,

The care,

The close friendship,

Knowing someone is there,

Knowing someone cares,

The little gift from the heart.

Funny how a gift from the heart,

Touches the soul.

Embodies a reality worth living.

The treasure to wait for,

The next day to come, to win, to live

And love life,

To love living.

The gift, to encapsulate feeling,

To stretch the mind out of darkness,

Into the light,

Into the beauty of living.

The gift of friendship,

That touches my heart.

Touches my soul.

Brings me to life.

Shows me what I could not see.

Shows me what I’ve missed,

What I stopped seeing,

What I’ve been missing.

The wholeness of being.

Wholeness of feeling,

The kind warm feeling.

The kind and caring friend.

Who writes onto my soul,

A mark of care,

The cherished feeling,

The sight worth seeing,

To life to keep living.

To care for all,

To be there for all.

To be me,

To value this.

To keep the feeling.

To remind me what I’ve missed.

The feeling of being

So much said.

So much to say.

So much,



By, through, this little gift from the heart.
Writing this, got a birthday present from my dearest friend. Gone through lots recently, this gift, a gift from the heart, a gift to show the truth. To show me reality. To remind me.

Total gratitude to all my friends, especially my closest friends, whom I will always be there for, will always care for, no matter where I go or however far I drift. The conversations, gifts, even merely hanging out.

These are the biggest and best gifts. The gift of life, the gift to remind how and why life is worth living. Those times where everything works out, where everything works, everything is good.

Being, loving life, loving my friends. Caring for my friends. As they do for me, and never fail to remind me, even if I sometimes find it hard to see. They’re there. All is good.

Torturous Thoughts

The sudden piercing pain,


Rapid thinking,

Worried paranoia,

Confused outlook.

Brain racing that thoughts can’t keep up.

Running and hiding, isn’t an option from the mind.

Seeking distraction from those torturous thoughts,

That consume you,

Hurt you,

Possess you,

Keep you.

Trap you.

Be you.

To find an escape, an outlet.

Find a safe place to run, hide, be free,

Even if but for a moment.

A moment, free…

Of these torturous thoughts.