Remembering The Times

Remembering the times,

Those good days,

Always a place in my mind.

The thinking, memories and the times.

Left in the feeling.

Of those good times.

The memories and places once been.

The memories and thoughts,

An ever-present reminder.

Living in the present,

Waiting for the times ahead,

Remembering those good times gone past.

A collection of memories,

A life, all on shown before me, of me.

A pleasant reminder,

Remembering the times.

Out In The Sun

Out in the sun,

Warmth on my skin,

Light all around,

A cool drink in hand.

The warm summer sun,

All good, all content.

Outside and living life,

Using the summer sun,

The endless warmth.

The cool breeze.

That summer sun and all it provides,

Out in the sun.

Another day, another time.

Another warm day out in the sun.

From the day’s sun till the dead of night.

Out in the warm summer sun.

Reminder Of Me

A reminder of me,

Who I used to be,

Free eternal, unbound and unchained.

Free-thinking, a spirit in good health.

Loving life for the friends who’ve touched me,

Those who unknowingly saved me.

To those I would do the same.

To save, to walk the ends of the earth for,

Those kind few, who reminded me of me,

Me of who I was,

Me of the worth of living.

The escape from a horrid past,

The needless pain,

To those who confirmed,

Who backed,

Those who supported.

I hold you dear.

Dear to my soul.

Dear to my being.

Those who reminded me of who I am and who I need to be, should be, will be.

When the Rain Subsides

The rain subsides,
The calm resumes,
The rain gradually patters to a close,

The sun emerges from its long slumber,
Tears drift down one’s face,
As peace comes back,
The petrichor rises in the air,

The clouds float away,
Revealing a bright blue sky,
The radiant sun,

And another day.
Another light,
Another day to make mine,
Awoken from a dark slumber,

Refreshed and revived,

Not finding the summer winding path,
But knowing where to look.

Rain subsides and the sun comes out,
A sunny spring day,
After the dark winter,
The daylight shining after the darkest night.

A new day, my own, owned by me.
Mine for the taking.
And I will take it.

When the rain subsides


Best Values

To my friends,

Those values you share,

Values you keep,

Being good in totality,

Those rough times and the laughs.

The good times we’ve had.

The reminder of the best parts of living,

Of keeping,

Those photos,

Those memories.

The kind faces,

The kindness and care.

The solidarity through those dark times,

Passed and beaten,

To get to the light,

To find that future.

To fight to keep living.

To enjoy every moment,

With the best of company.

The morning shines,

A reminder of what the next day brings,

Those to share the day with.

The warmth,

The feeling.

The gold to be found, living.


That point star, shining solo in the night sky,

Solo, alone and bright.

Radiant and alone.

Don’t let me lose my way,

Help me out of the darkness,

Help me on my way,

Out, into the world.

To find the right path,

To find my own way,

My own path.

Out into this world of dark.

To find my way into the light,

Into life,

To help this lost soul,

To find my humanity,

To stretch my arms out,

To embrace the world,

The beauty,

To make the most,

To make my life mine.

You point-star.

To point the way,

Out into the darkness,

Through it into the light of day.

A pathfinder, to fade when the job is done.

To make others’ lives kind,

Full of care,

Full of sentiments.

To find the way with this point-out into life.

Little Gift From The Heart

Little gift from the heart,

This little treasure,

Care made tangible,

The little gift from the heart,

Showing me the way,

Showing me the value in being human,

Showing the light, to come from the next day.

Showing care in true form,

Feeling made whole.

The new day,

To shroud out the empty feeling,

Showing me the value of being human.

The value of living,

Through those little gifts from the heart.

The kindness,

The care,

The close friendship,

Knowing someone is there,

Knowing someone cares,

The little gift from the heart.

Funny how a gift from the heart,

Touches the soul.

Embodies a reality worth living.

The treasure to wait for,

The next day to come, to win, to live

And love life,

To love living.

The gift, to encapsulate feeling,

To stretch the mind out of darkness,

Into the light,

Into the beauty of living.

The gift of friendship,

That touches my heart.

Touches my soul.

Brings me to life.

Shows me what I could not see.

Shows me what I’ve missed,

What I stopped seeing,

What I’ve been missing.

The wholeness of being.

Wholeness of feeling,

The kind warm feeling.

The kind and caring friend.

Who writes onto my soul,

A mark of care,

The cherished feeling,

The sight worth seeing,

To life to keep living.

To care for all,

To be there for all.

To be me,

To value this.

To keep the feeling.

To remind me what I’ve missed.

The feeling of being

So much said.

So much to say.

So much,



By, through, this little gift from the heart.
Writing this, got a birthday present from my dearest friend. Gone through lots recently, this gift, a gift from the heart, a gift to show the truth. To show me reality. To remind me.

Total gratitude to all my friends, especially my closest friends, whom I will always be there for, will always care for, no matter where I go or however far I drift. The conversations, gifts, even merely hanging out.

These are the biggest and best gifts. The gift of life, the gift to remind how and why life is worth living. Those times where everything works out, where everything works, everything is good.

Being, loving life, loving my friends. Caring for my friends. As they do for me, and never fail to remind me, even if I sometimes find it hard to see. They’re there. All is good.


The shining beams through the green lush leaves,,

Pushing away the darkness,

Illuminating opportunity,

Making the unseen seen,

Highlighting what we should see,

The uncertainty,

An empty canvass for life’s painting.

Those bright times,

The ones to come,

The ones in the past.

The light comes, as it will also fade.

The finite resource,

Finite experience.

I will make the most,

Of the light I have been given.

Ghosts in Your Shadow


Walking behind you,

Steps behind, footsteps mirroring yours.

The reminder, the walk.

Trying to escape,

Trying to escape your fate,

Your outcome.

To run from these ghosts and their power over me,

Walking in my shadow,

Speaking with my own voice,

Looking through my own eyes.

Those ghosts left behind.

Walking in your shadow.

Persist and try.

To escape my scary ghosts and my terrible lies.

To escape the ghosts in my shadows

Mistakes Made. Times Ahead.

Mistakes made,

Path walked, misguided by my own hands.

All gone,

A flash before my eyes,

Time to look ahead.

To see where to go,

What pieces are left.

Of my mind,

My broken, faulty and failing mind.

I will find a fix,

A way to escape my demons.

A way to avoid their dark embrace.

To step closer to the light.

To move on in face of the darkness.

To look the other way.

To find peace. An escape.

Always looking.

A plan on hold, to see where I go.

Nearing ever closer, this need to find the light.

To escape the demons that plague my mind.

My mistakes are made.

All final and done.

Set in stone.

Now it’s to find what is left among the rubble,

To pick up the salvageable.

To move on,

And find a life.

I can live,

Despite the past.

Despite my mistakes made,

And to look for the times ahead.