Just Those Good Times

Just to those good times,
The times of old.

A reminder,
And the times,
Those good moments,
The world within reach.
A reminder,
The time of those times.
Being, living and feeling.

Just from those good times.

In the moment,
Living life as it passes,
With those good times to come.

What is left and made.
Just as those good times go.

Good day, had a meal at my best friend’s house with other good friends. Was good, was nice, was a lot of things and feeling happy.


Used, as always, used.
My care, my mind, my heart to help.
Brought back,
When some care shown.
Thrown out when spent.

As before,
As always,
Should have seen,
Should have known.

The signs being there,
But I willfully ignored.

I pretended not to see,
To save the pain.
Saved, for another day,
All at once.

I played along willing.
Was complicit.
Only to help.

But again.
I was used.