Irreversible Loss

This irreversible loss,

My face turned away,

My mind closed off, left out

Not in agreement,

A shattered soul, in a cage

The emptiness and panic

To walk away,

Cut completely out,

The heart, mind and feeling.

To empty the shell,

To walk away,

Cut it out,

Empty my mind.

To walk away,

Leave it behind,

Cut it out.

To embrace the irreversible loss.

Of mind, life, feeling and meaning.

To embrace the emptiness,

A pinnacle of irreversible loss.

Torturous Thoughts

The sudden piercing pain,


Rapid thinking,

Worried paranoia,

Confused outlook.

Brain racing that thoughts can’t keep up.

Running and hiding, isn’t an option from the mind.

Seeking distraction from those torturous thoughts,

That consume you,

Hurt you,

Possess you,

Keep you.

Trap you.

Be you.

To find an escape, an outlet.

Find a safe place to run, hide, be free,

Even if but for a moment.

A moment, free…

Of these torturous thoughts.