Panic Turns

Panic turns,

A day, a future, nothing,
Worry of changes happening,
The mind claustrophobic,
Worried running amok,
Feeling claustrophobic and wanting an escape.

Running and running in the mind,
Panicking and wanting to escape.
Nothing helping,
The mind running and running over and over.

In my skin,
Panicking bit by bit,
Wondering, thinking.
All thoughts, at once,
Like 100 minds in one,
At the same time and in conflict.

Bursting forth from my mind.
Where it hurts,
Worries, worries and panic.
My head wanting to rip free.
To tear out.
To escape panic,
Heart beating fast, breathing heavy.

Just so,
So many thoughts in mind,
Causing great panic,
Without reason.
Panic, just panic without reason,
Sudden and severe, wanting to tear my brain out.

Just all the thoughts.

Panicked. Don’t know. Sudden. Trying to sleep but thinking. So I can’t. I may try to go out and do photography if I can’t get some sleep. Just panicked. Hating this. Thinking about so much. So many things and just panicking.

Darkest of Paths

Darkest of paths,
Mind brought to breaking.
Deepseated poison in my veins.

The panic hits.
Breathing and thinking raging, racing.
Heart hurting.
Mind racing across all thoughts.
Pain, deep pain.
Within me, it devastates.

Needing to escape.
Journeying out from my house, looking for an escape.
From the panic,
The dread.
All of a sudden this panic set in.
2am and its all set upon me.

Clamouring outside,
Waiting, looking for,
I do not know.
Needing fresh air,
Claustrophobic in the outside breeze.

My biggest fear,
A welcome relief if it would rid me of the pain.
Make a deal with the devil to lessen this feeling.

Never escaping this,
The panic,
My sleepless soul,
Looking for a way.

And out I’ve gone.

The walk, sea-breeze, never helping to calm my panicked mind.

Only left,
Hoping it will subside.

Today’s been a really terrible day. Everything. Everything. Panicking at many many moments. Everything, when your chest seizes up, your mind is screaming. Your heart is pounding that it hurts and leaves you breathless. Heart pounding all the time. Everything just hurts. And the mind just keeps going. Keeps giving me sensory information when I just want it to stop. To give me some respite. I need a break.

Mind’s Outspin

The mind in tired panic,
In tired overdrive.

The mind tired of spinning.
Panicked darting,
Trying to calm the panicked spirit inside.
Flesh weak for the mind’s resolve.

Tired of spinning,
Feet tied in place.
Trying to run.
This will pass,
In time.
For the meantime,
Waiting, trying to calm,
The mind’s outspin.

Its raging torrent.
A storm of all proportion.
Raging against the self,
To throw the mind to one side.

Violently raging,
To find the light.
One that came and left.

Raging to find.
To piece together.
To calm, collect and rage into light.

Desperation great,
To look, to find the place.
Finding, looking, trying.

To claim this place,
The calm pond,
The place to find once more.
To be and make.

In this mind’s outspin.

Just tired, trying, tired of the mind spinning.

Panicked Horror

Mind turning,

The horror,
Heart beating,
Heavy breathing,
A feeling,
The emptiness and panic,
Mind running and I cannot stop.

No escape,
Nowhere to hide.
I need help,
A sudden fit of panic.
Hoping to fall asleep, away into dreams.
To escape a surreal state of thinking panic.

Panic in the time.
All to try.

Don’t know what’s happening, stayed up late, suddenly frightened, panicking, mind rushing, thoughts empty and also full. Panicking right now.

My heart hurting, finding it hard to breathe, in my mind I feel an emergency, like calling an ambulance, but I’m trapped, alone in my head and can’t get out or talk to anyone.

Feeling like death right now and panicking, mind running, everything painful or empty.

Can’t go to sleep, need to, need to escape my mind, so frightened and panicked and really don’t know why.

Raw Panic

Heart beating,
Barely breathing.
Vision blurred.
Mind running itself into the ground.
Every way I turn,
Mind breaking,
Doors slamming.

My life,
Mind in raw panic.

Death crawling inside.
Mind in circles.

A raw panic, the mind’s end.
Mind crazed.
Hurt and afraid.

Raw panic,
One moment nowhere,
The next being no escape.
Raw panic.

All around,
Raw panic.
Trying to crawl out,
Raw panic.

Very panicked. Going out now and hope that helps a bit, but even then it’s already contributing to the panic, the problem.

Mind swirling, has been for an hour.

But my choice is clear, some decisions to be made.

My best friend would kill me if they knew.

Panic makes you hurt, scared, worried about something you weren’t a moment before.