The Silence Of Life

The silence of life, of the night.
The beauty of a brief glimpse of time.
Glimpse of the time.
Of all those times,
All that glimpse.

As the night comes in,
Silence falls over,
The darkness, the calm.
As the life flows.
Time slows,
Time grows on.

And here I sit,
Sitting, in time,
In time, again.
In time.

Life flows by.
And I, a witness.
To watch it flow.
To be there, in the time.

As the sounds of the sea just flows,
Exists in their own time.
And life, flows past.
A confusing jumble,
A path that goes.

As the sea is calm.
No ripples in sight.
The reflection of the moon,
A reflection on life,
On all those times.

A reflection,
An embodiment,
Those times,
Flow by, and fade.
But I, am still here.
I continue,
To sit here and witness.

I witness and sit,
Being in place.

Being in place.

Sitting and watching the world go by.
In the calm, the peace and solitude of night.

Watching the lights of the world,
Continue in time.
And I,
Sit here,
To witness,
A mark left,
Upon a moment in time.

Sitting, reflecting,
Pondering and being in time.
I am here.
In time I continue.

I am to witness.

As it all fades,
As it all continues again.

And I am here to witness.

Remembering, upon a time.
Sitting in that same spot.
Remembering, upon a time.
As the time, fades, into time.
I remember, I keep.
As it fades,
In spite of it fading.

All the times that passed.

As I sit in place.

And continue.

As all time flows by.
Feeling sad? Not feeling anything? Feeling calm?
I cannot tell.

But at peace.
In being in the finite space of time,
As the world revolves.

As time is moving in its place.
And I just can’t help, but watch,
Continue, to feel, and be.

But I sit here,
On this once upon a time spot.
And chill,
Watching as times flows, like these sea waves gently come and go.
As the sky paints it’s art through light.
As the city lights paint their own in response.
And I just continue,
Watching the dance,
Between the moon and sky; and the city of lights.

And then the thought comes back.
Thinking of that, once upon a time.
I remember clearly.
Calm and in the moment,
Present and past.

Seeing the day,
The time,
And its pass.

Watching, and wondering.
As goes,
This story of life.
Watching, life.
Flow, pass, before the moon’s light.

Forever changed,
In so many ways in this life.
In all so many ways.

And I sit, continue, watch and see.
Seeing life.
Seeing, the time.
Giving me life,
In this time.

As I watch, and see,
In this time.

Embracing A Sad Goodbye

Embracing a sad goodbye,
Ending at its time,
It’s close.

Saddened by the end,
Enlivened by the times,
So much learned,
So much cared,
Hoping for all the best,
To outshine all the bad.

Another step,
Knowing it’ll all be fine.
Embracing a sad goodbye,
Not wanting to bid the time to close.
But for now,
I, at peace, with a goodbye,
Not wanted to be said.

But it’s fine,
It’ll be alright.
With the world in the making,
To show what the world can be.

I will be.
I will be.

Thank you for all the times,
No matter how far the times pass or leave into distant memories.
I know,
Just know,
Despite. The sad goodbye.
It’ll never be too far.
To know.
To know.
To care and wish all the best.
And to always be there,
If at all the time calls,
No matter when the time calls.

That’s what, it is,
That’s how, it goes.
And that’s alright.
It’s all going to be alright.
But I know how if the time calls,
Whenever that time calls.

I’ll be there,
To try and be there.
To help and to care.

That’s the best of humanity,
To care through humanity.

And thanks,
And thanks, for all the good times.
For making it brighter, for a time.

I’ll always be there,
To help and be there.
As darkness always falls for all of us,
Yet a reminder, for the light.
That reaches out to grab hold of us.

With humanity we can all care.
To be,
And to share.

I care as I embrace the goodbye.
Through time,
Through time.

Wrote this, a little while back. But unsure. Maybe I won’t publish this. But don’t know. We’ll see or I guess you all will or won’t haha. But yeah. Funny thinking or feeling or caring. It makes us human, empathetic, better than the world we’re made of, born into. To make a better one, one small act of kindness at a time.

Fond Memories

Remembering those past moments fondly,
In all the troubles, that has passed.
A smile in the present, looking back on the past.

I can’t help but chuckle,
It’s funny,
How moments pass.

And on I will remember
As I know I can never forget.

As they may fade into nothingness,
Though I hope not,
They shall be kept, anyway.

The moments shine,
As memories flood back,

For the moments sometime fade,
Therein their beauty shines,
A limited moment,
A time of troubles and triumphs,
The good and the bad,
All that there can be.

But for this I remember.
A time before moments pass.

Best poem written today, captures one side of the many, of my thinking, only one rather than many. But captures it well, and makes me happy. Been thinking for a while, finally found a happy line of thought. Reminiscent of much, my personality, thoughts and mind. Nice. Nice.

Has been a truly amazing day, days like this I have truly missed more than could be explained with words, feeling happy, feeling glad, but also a bittersweet sad. But, that’s life, it’s always everything, all the time.

I hold only one true regret. In this life. But I’m trying to find a way to fix this. But I don’t like my chances. But I shall try, as it’s all I can do.

Moments Pass

Moments in limited infinity,
Oh how they pass,
A moment, gone,
Nothing left that can be said.
A moment and then goodbye.

Sorrow only left,
A past imperfect, but needed all the same.

But, oh why all the mistakes made.
A sad fact,
Regret there and not.
Growth gained, but the pieces lost.

A battle in the mind,
Trying to escape pain.
To replace it with rage,
But, that I can never do.
As I ponder, sadness grips me,
But not totally.
A glimmer of hope,

But the mind is left again.

To battle the war within itself,
Of itself.

Nothing’s ever fully said.
No one truly understands,
A reality of humanity.
The mind is its own true entity,
Limited to that, just the same.

There is always more to say,
Always more that could have been done,
Always more sorries to be said and meant.
But then it all passes.

A regret, a notch, a memory.
It all.

Its all left.



No matter what,

This life, it’s all you have and over.

I live, try and be.
A promise, with care and compassion, even as it breaks me.
Knowing to bring care, is the only act worth it all.

To be, to live, to care.
To try and give it all,
In my failings I will fail and fail again,
But nevertheless trying.

Remembering those past moments fondly,
In all the troubles,
A smile in the present, looking back on the past.

I can’t help but chuckle,
It’s funny,
Moments pass.

And on I will remember,
As I know I can never forget.

As they may fade into nothingness,
I shall keep them.

For the moments sometimes fade,
Therein their beauty shines,
A limited moment,
A time of troubles and triumphs,
The good and bad,
All that there can be.

But for this I remember.
A time, before moments pass.

Trying to write. I used to keep thoughts raging and bottled in my head. Before this blog. Now I have no mind left to be eaten by the raging thoughts I kept bottled so long, stored. Over the many years I had been. Now I cannot. I am just unable to.

All I can do is write, to explain, live and rid these thoughts, a timeline of life, life lived, life hurt, and life made.

This poem, difficult. I don’t like this one, but kind of do at the same time. The thing I don’t like is also what I do.

Trying to write, started many sentences, ones I did not know what to say. Or jumped to another thought. Stopped deleting the half starts to sentences after a while, to just leave them. Be.

And then the bit after doesn’teven fit this one, I have no idea. Problem with the mind, so many things, with four pairs of hands I could still not capture I guess.

But I love the last 6 stanzas, redeeming the poem in my eyes. May take them for another poem, a better one. But here they have meaning, in the lack, a looking, trying, thinking.

Off Into The Night

Off into the night I go,
All calm and at peace,
Off to be pondering into the darkest of night skies,
Thinking, pondering off into the world.

All is peaceful,
A world,
So large,
Left to ponder, to question.
To be.
To feel the sting of the cold wind.
It feels good,
To feel,
A reminder, memory,

To get used and past,
Put a stamp,
Cordon off,
Embracing the cold night sky.
At peace,
As all the cars pass by.
All of the times,
Laid to rest.
Just as with the passing of time.

As the scar heals,
The mind does not.
But hope to be found.
In all the smallest moments to come,
As they all pass,
All of the people,
The slightest moments.
Come and they pass.

Odd moments in time.
As it all can shine.
No matter how hard to find.

The pieces,
As they’re cut out.
A reminder,
Piece by piece lost.

Stronger through it all.
Broken, scarred but stronger.

Lost in the moment now.
Losing myself in the present, of those moments of normalcy.
An escape.

As life grows,
It changes,
Fades and finds.
The pain running deep,
Finally finding peace.

Peace in it all.

Long time fighting,
Still fighting,
At least life,
Finding in the slightest grasp.

With those all so close,
Holding me so close,
And I hold back.
Golden souls,
Throughout it all.
Give me my shield and sword.
I shall move,
To fight and try to work.

The mind in all those moments.
Go off into time.

Writing this, feeling alright, thinking. Got an unexpected message from a friend, which was nice. While writing this. Very mixed messages, but then, it is the mind’s stream of consciousness.

The Summer That Saved Me

That summer that saved me,
All of the memories flowing over and through me.

The fine line from the dark to the light.
Odd reminders of that time.
Of the summer that,
That summer that saved me.

Feels so long ago,
But the memories,
They stay, on they last.

The time to realise,
And find.
To go back and realise again.

A time so far behind me,
But also not.

So much to have happened and past.
To realise again,
Part by part.

The time that started it all.
To realise and find,
To find life and myself.

A moment that started so much.
A beginning,

That summer ago.
That last day,
Those late nights.

That summer gone past.
That summer gone by.

A world away,
In many more ways than one.
Of the blissful times,
Many more memories since.
Many more to come.

Always missing the moment, when it’s gone.

All things come to an end.
But the memories.
They stay.
The time.

A happy-sad bliss.
The memories come,
They stay,
The times made,
Now have passed.
The memory stays on.

Recently been watching a lot of Gordon Ramsay, never used to like him due to my lack of knowledge and false impressions. A friend got me watching him a lot. Long time passed and I’ve been watching him a lot recently. Reminded me of the summer that saved me. The memories.

Great and and beautiful memories.

Watching It Pass

Watching it pass,
Moments, times,
Of it all,
Receding into the past,
Into what was known,
Gone into the times past.

A broken feeling in my gut,
Piercing like a knife,
But, happy as I go on,
Trying, trying,
The smile put forward,
Hiding the tears behind the face.

How it passes, life,
Of it all, risks, friendships, care.
Walking to their grave,
All along a single path,
A single path tread.

To stare down the edge,
To the dark below,
Only to look, cry,
And fall.

Just thinking of lots, choices, friends, people, life.

Defiant to the Face

To those who hurt me,
Without a care.

Defiance to make my own,
Make my world.

To forge it in the fires of my passion.
Defiant in the face of the demons,
Enpassioned to my end.

To make a change to make the world better,
For all whom I care.
For all who I consider friends.

To cast out the emptiness and the pain.
To cast out the demons and the careless.

To find people,
Worth finding,
To care for,
People worth it.
To be with,
People, who will finally be right,
Just being with.


A moment once there,
Then forgotten.
Empty erasure left in its wake.

The feeling of a time ended.
Like the saying of words,
That cannot be taken back.

An erasure of memory,
Of feelings.

Only left a blank space.
Looking to the next page to fill.

The funny feeling of forgetting.
The forgotten left to the unknown.
The past gone. As soon as it passed.

The next step,
A new blank page to be filled.