Orchestral World

Oh what an orchestral world,
Standing here in the midst,
In the world.
A exercise of being,
Of living.

Total wonderment of being,
How I’m here.
The people met,
The places seen,
Experiences had.

How in the world,
Do I feel, like I belong,
With my friends,
Total homeliness,
To have met such brilliant faces.

The world made bright by my touch,
Having found my way out,
Out of the dark abyss,
And into the light.

Into the light,
I had long clamoured for.
Never believing I would seen.
Standing on the cliff-face,
Staring off into the setting sun,
Tear running down my cheek.
“I have made it”.

I have found.

The orchestral world around me,
The sights of beauty,
The sounds of life,|
Feelings of being.

I have found.

This orchestral world.


For You I Say

For you I say,

I care,
More than you can know.
So much that it hurts,
But it’s worth that.
Would do anything I can for you.

For you I say,
Your beauty, uncompared,
Kindness true,
Compassion you showed,
Trying, once before, to help me.

For you I say,
Know your worth.
Know yourself and prosper.

For you, I say,
I will never try to hurt you,
But what if I have to go?
To hurt you less.

For you I say,
You are not my day,
But you never fail to make it brighter.

For you I say,
When I hear that favourite song,
Only you I see.
Remembering the memories.

For you, I apologise.
That I cannot explain.
My thoughts and feelings.
I only feel them.
I cannot help them.

For you, I remember,
The first time we met,
And every time since.
No matter what’s happened,
There are no regrets.

I am flawed,
But I am me.
Trying to be ever-better.
Unapologetically. Me.

For you I say,
No matter how you compare yourself,
Unfavourably attractive than others,
I do not see.
All I think of is you.

For you I say,
You never have to be alone,
I’ll help with all I can.
Do all I can.
No matter how much it hurts.
Because I care.
For you I say I care.

For you I end,
Maybe it’s the ramblings of a madman,
A lovestruck madman.
But this is me.
For you I say,
This is me.
All I can offer.

Sincere Embrace

Sincere embrace,
True moment.
Just resting,
In your embrace,
Comfort, care.

The way I rest in your arms,
You in mine.

A moment,
Detached from reality,
Falling out of time.

A simple, true, perfect moment.
The world gone simple,
But for a moment.

A moment to prove.
My feelings,

To be by your side,
And you by mine.
Content, simple and kind.

Just being there.

Lost in our moment.


From a sincere embrace.

Writing this watching Stranger Things, thinking of things, thinking of feelings, moments, emotions, and the many heartfelt embraces in the final episode of season 2.

The Way Life Goes

The way life goes
Flies in those smallest moments.
The singing of the world.

Combination of love.
Being in being.
Living life,
The way it goes.

The way it moves,
The way it flows.
Life and the tough moments.
A mere episode,
Part of a larger series.

What it is.
Will be.

The chimes of being,
A song of the making.
My song to make my own.
To orchestrate.
To make my own.

The Hurt Of Love

The hurt of love
A hurt of care,
A hurt of kindness.

Wanting to help in those darkest times.
Caring, wanting to help.
The pain of being away,
Wanting to be close.
Anticipation of the time we’ll be close.
Hurt knowing,
The truth of how I feel will hurt you.

The truth of love,
It comes with hurt.
Overshadowed by blissful joy,
Every insignificant moment,
Everything to your eyes.
The flame that lights up the night.
That chases the cold away.

This pain, always overshadowed.
By the joy of being close,
The anticipation in those lonely nights,
When I get to see you again.

A dichotomy of existence,
The pain from love.
But love throughout all pain.

Waiting for another moment.
Another insignificant moment,
To consume me in feeling,
In bliss.

A love to pull others out of darkness,
As it does to me.

A love to share in solace when hurt strikes,
Strikes you or me.

An unconditional thing.
A small thing.
From a text in the morning,
A text before bed.
A text after your achievements.
A text to comfort your falls.

Small, but significant things.

To brighten up a day.
To remind you of your strength,
To console you in your hurt.

To be there.
No matter the distance.
No matter how far you go.
A care continues.

Pain from seeing you hurt,
A pain worth fighting,
To help you get better,
To comfort when help is something I cannot offer.

Oh how love hurts,
The pain, that comes with love.
A good pain, one that pushes you forward.
To be better,
To be yourself.
To extend your arms into the warm sunlight.
To make your world your own.

The pain of love.

Curious Forgiveness

Curious forgiveness,
Why have you forgiven me?
After all I had done.

Believing in me to want to see me again,
After all this time,
After all I had done.

Giving me time,
To find my strength to recover.
After I had done.
You were there behind me.
Pushing me forward,
Even though I pushed you away.

You never left my mind,
Even as I tried.

Somehow you forgave me.
Stood by my side,
Even from afar.
Something I’ll never forget.

Always hoping for your best.
Even away from me.
Wanting to help,
To protect you,
Even from me.

No matter how far you are,
How far I push you away.
Your interests are always at heart,
Even if it may not seem.
My belief in your potential greatness.
In you.

Never wavers.

A curious forgiveness.
My curious care.

The Way I See You

The way I see you,
Your face lit up by the sunlight,
Your hair, resting on your shoulder.

The feeling,
Sitting next to you,
The feeling,
My heart beating faster.

You sit there,
Taking my brath away,
A witness to your kindness.
Feeling at peace.
At peace next to you.

Here I sit thinking.
Thinking in peace,
Smiling to myself.
Chuckling to the memory.

Held by the feeling.
In the way I see you.

You being you.
A person with, I can be me.

Oh, the way I see you.

Ramblings On Love, and Life

Something to share, to be, feel and give.

Something whole, yet always wanting more, to give more, share more, show more.

To face down darkest times, to help fight a way through the dark, and to find a way when it isn’t clear. To find a way to help when one isn’t shown. And when all options have been exhausted. To give a kind embrace, of heart, mind, and actuality, to help. The best feeling. To give your all, to help someone you deeply care about. To be there, even if their pain hurts you to see them so. Bear it, to help them even for but a moment. Especially if they would, they have, done the same for you.

Held you through your trials, your troubles. It isn’t owed, but in the mind it is. Confusing. Like an unsaid promise, not done because of obligation but an self-internal obligation for yourself and for them.

Such feelings cannot be explained. Only felt. Rare as they are. They are perfect. They are everything but at the same time, not, an important part of many that make you whole.

I could write for days right now. But should not.

Amazing to think, all they’ve been through, to help. I’m under no obligation to, but the one I set myself. The one I must fulfil only because of my choice, my care, my love and choice.

This feeling, bliss and happiness, I urge everyone, as I will try to do. To infuse it into everything else:

The will, power, determination, happiness, strength, care, compassion, love, hope, persistence. To feeling good, no, great, amazing. For yourself, everything, everyone. Then the sun will shine through the thick fog, over any mountain, rendering everything perfect, even as it isn’t, it will be.

An everything from not everything to make everything into a perfection that isn’t perfect, but at the same time, it is.

Looking at all the WordPorn phrases I’ve saved, picking the best related ones, the ones that touch me and bring tears of joy, happiness and deep thought. Here they are:

Finding My Way

Finding my way in this open world.
The path unclear,
I’ll find my way.

Off I’ll find.
That golden sunset I’m looking for.
The warmth on my face.

The open door to my world.
Those crazy times to come.
Out in this open world.

The shared night,
Made so bright.
The path ahead.

On I go.
To make the path I seek.

Scaring the demons away.
Confidence unparalleled.
Strength to show.

Will to fight,
The demons away.
To claim my day.

To claim my life.
Claim my path.
Claim my way.

Open up my world.
Let the sky sing.

Off I go.
Making my way.