Life Lived, Lessons Learned

Life lived, lessons learned,

Through all the the mistakes and time.

To make me who I am.

The formative struggles.

The life outstretched ahead.

The twists and turns.

The jagged path.

The place I move.

Through the river of life,

Its currents, rapids and calming flows.

The places seen and to see.

The path outstretched.

Not knowing where it may lead.

The lives met down the flow.

In its depths and the calm.

The destination to be met,

The path to be taken.

To flow with, against and in.

The live lived and lessons learned.

The path shown and path unknown.

The path to go,

And to make my own.

The path my own.

Of this ever-current’s flow.

The life lived. mistakes made. In the onward flow.


Another Day

Another day, another night.

Another time to come,

To make, hold and keep.

To remember the past.

That’s brought me to where I am now.

Those forming moments,

The golden times.

To hold and remember,

In the face of adversity.

To hold close as I forge on.

To move past the troubled times.

On into the sunlight and warmth.

Another day comes,

To make as I can.

To see what it brings,

And what I bring to it.

Oh how, another day comes.

That True Feeling

That true feeling,

The one that lasts,

The one that stays,

Lives on and makes the whole world bright.

The feeling to move past,

With even the mere memory,

The true feeling,

An ever-reminder.

Holding onto the feeling,

The smile burn into my memory,

The jittery feeling I cannot explain.

The contentment from;

Nothing in particular.

The time passed, yet living on.

The true feeling I had not known.

Cannot forget,

But also try not to forget.

Someone, who cares,

Even for nothing, they are there.

Small conversations,

That change my day.

Support, unconditionally.

Just to try and make them smile.

As they had touched my life.

Supporting in times of trouble.

The tears at our goodbye,

Forever etched into my mind.

Not the last goodbye.

A lot I left unsaid.

A promise I made,

To remember the true feeling.

To better myself.

To be who I am and can,

As you’ve changed me.

Made me see I am not alone with my quirks.

To better myself,

To be who I am and can.

To be the best me.

This I remember.


Until the next golden moment,

I get to see you,

And thus I go on.

Remembering this true feeling.

Feeling or Unfeeling

Question plaguing my mind,The meaning and being.The feeling,Empty and everything.The lasting question.Times which paralyse me.The answer shown.The happy-sad feeling,But feeling nevertheless.To feel,To live,To let die, but live on.My answer found,The place been.The feeling lives on.In.My answer.The feeling,Better than the lack.Better than the emptiness.Better than the end.Making me feel.Against my best efforts.A life to live,Rather than to survive.The place I find myself.The feeling that comes,The end that drifts by.My place,My feelings.The feeling of being.The me that was once lost,Once forgotten.And on I drift.It is me.The place of me.The better feeling,Than the unfeeling once known.Feeling me.A better me.The better way.This is me.The place and the feeling.The place I am.A happy-wreck.A drowned being.Overwhelmed by feeling.By being,The path outstretched,But missed.The feeling of feeling.Being whilst being.The place drifting away.Shown for nothing,While also everything.This feeling,Better than the lack.This me,This feeling,This being.I am me.All I am.This feeling.

That Fading Light

That fading light,

The times to be looked for,

Waiting to be,

But unsure,

Those times,

The small moments,

Moments of life,

Moments of love but unsure.

The making, being, be.

Those times,

Memories, to fade.

To remember,

Hold and keep.

Those moments,

That fading light.

Uncertainty but also certainly.

Those times,

Those memories and those moments.

Those times come to a close,

A final conclusion.

An end.

The time of going,

If knowing, the finality.

Giving Your All

Giving your all,

Waiting on a whim.

Happy and content,
Slight worries flitting by,
Apprehension and confusion,
Happiness at the forefront,
Thinking and wondering.

Here I sit.
Trying what I can.
Maybe not much?
But it’s what I have,
What I have to try for,

The place with which I stand,
In the middle of the many paths.

Giving my all,
My mind, hopes and wants,
The essence of life,
The attempts, giving and place.

Here I sit.

Having given my all.

Given my best.

Tried hard.

To be a good person,
To be a kind person,
To be truthful.
To show who I am,
To ask, to be,
After giving my all.

Shining Out

Shining out,

Breaking out and into life,

The happy times,

The meaningful memories,

Silly, laughing and loving.

Amazing experiences of being.

Shining out past my limited perspectives

Breaking out into the bright and open world.

The time, in warmth, the smiling sun.

Bright and radiant.

A time for living.

Making the most.

Feeling, and helping.

Caring and solidarity and value.

Shining out. Past my demons and my shadows, into the world and being triumphant.

Pleasant Surprise

Pleasant surprise,

Nice intervention,

A world from anew,

A place not seen before.

The crazy, excited, ecstatic feeling.

The kindness and intelligence.

A world shown.

Thrown from my own,

Complete surprise.

Through this contentment.

A crazy revelation,

Crazy existence.

My place.

The crazy feeling.

Ecstatic and total. Crazy and looms

The Meaning

The meaning,
The being, place and life.
All for something and all of me.

The place of meaning, life and living.
Placed in a world of being, of staying.

My meaning and place. My comfort and solace.

My place being and moment.

The place I feel at home.
The place to escape my torture.

My place, accepting, my being and place.

My world and my being,
To my shaping.
To my creation.

Shaped into comfort and satisfaction.

My meaning,
My world made whole,
My creation of the meaning,
Not there to begin with.

In The Face Of The Wasteland

In the face of the wasteland,
The uncertainty to come,

Left alone in emptiness,
This wasteland I find myself in.

Wasting away in the searing sun.
Pushing on.

Defying my Gods in the wasteland.
Clearing my past.

My memories return.
Painful reminders of my many mistakes…
They pierce my soul.

Remind me of the failures,
Reminds me of existence.
In the wasteland of being.

Barren, dry and dead.

Moving on and searching for the oasis ahead.

Making my path forward.

Trying to kill the memories.
All my memories.

To wipe my mind to a blank state.

To stand. Within my empty mind. To face a barren wasteland.
Rather than the piercing wind of memory.