Redefining the Times

Redefining the times,
That old song coming on,
What a feeling.
The new day coming to the forefront.
New meaning.

Just the feeling,
All the new meanings,
Full of promise, bliss and joy.
New to the touch,
Warm and beautiful.
The greatest sunrise to ever grace a day.
The dark a long forgoten episode.

The world of pure beauty.
All around,
At an arms length.
Totality in being.
Total bliss.

The world opening up,
That old song,
New memories to the touch.
The fade of the past to darkness.
For that coming light.
A beauty,

A redefining of life,
With light,
Presence all around.

Redefining the times,
With everything fitting into place.

Had an amazing day, tough week working so many hours but everything is getting so much better, chatting and getting to know a friend better so late at night and everything going so great. The feeling of laying awake at night, happy, feeling alive, just being, and being happy doing just that.