Time’s Close

To be at time’s close,
A mark in place,
A locality, held, suspended, in being.

The passing nature of everything,
Being in a moving moment,
Passing relative,
Through marked moments.

To be at time’s close.

Comes a reminder,
Motive, time, feeling.
At the close, stands an opening.

This place,
A new beginning,
My new eyes, sights to greet me.

At time’s close.

Had a tumultuous week. Not been sad, but been feeling empty, luckily most of it I have been okay, been kept busy by work, a lot of work. Kept me from thinking.

Back about a week, things got confusing, hectic, luckily today, things have finally gotten okay, uncertain but okay, something to go through. Hope for. I’ll try. That’s all I can do. So much is going well with everything recently.

It’s looking up.

More of an abstract poem, describing thoughts and feelings of my own into a random abstract mass of collected ideas.

The Morning Rise

Morning Rise,
Parting the night,
The feeling of renewal.
A warm message, unexpected.

Time for change.
For a start.
To bolster myself,
Against the wind.

The morning rise,
A new day.
A new me,
To aboid the mistakes of the past.

The pains shoved deep into my heart.
The toxic presence.
Expelled with this new day.

The Sad Setting-Sun

On the horizon,
The sad setting-sun,
The orchestral symphony of colour,
The beauty soon to fade.

Tears streaming down a face,
Witnessing an end.
A finite into darkness.
Witnessing a new era.

A time of renewal.
Accompanied by an end.
Tears streaming down a face,
The sadness of a setting-sun.

The inevitable end,
Known in advance.
Hoped would never come.
The symphony of colour,
Soon to go,
Never to be the same.

The memory,
Also soon to fade.
Tears streaming down a face.
Witness of the end.

On to new beginnings,
Better times.
Tears still streaming down a face,
Witness of an end.
A time come to close.
A change so profound.

Waiting for a chance to stay,
Knowing the path lies ahead,
To take a step into the dark.
Off and away.

Tears still streaming down a face- the sad setting-sun.
To let go,
To walk down this path.
Turn turn your back.

To face the setting sun. A last goodbye.
The new beginning to come.
The sadness behind a setting-sun.
With tears streaming down a face.

Lost  In A World of Renewal

Lost and alone,

In an ever-changing world,

A world changing around me,

While I stay here, lost and watching in wonder.

Lost and unfeeling,

The gloomy-grey sky,

While all move on and I’m left behind.

All move away and I’m left alone.

The constant fight against the feeling.

Of sadness and lonliness,

Ever-looking for distractions.

Am I the only one?

To look up to that sky,

That gloomy sky,

To wonder my worth.

To wonder what’s left,

To wonder what’s worth.

Before being thrown down to reality.

To face the feeling,

To face the feeling.

Spring In Bloom

The trees, livening up with infinite colour.

Brightening up even the darkest shadow.

The delicate cherry blossom,
Fragile and beautiful.

In bloom the flowers shining bright for all to see,
People walking by,
The rabbits hopping around,
Children playing in the sun, without a care in the world.
Even with insects in frenzy of what the new year has brought them.
A new world.

Spring is in bloom,
A new world created,
A spiral of sensations,
From this springtime bloom.

The heat, the colours and sounds,

All a comforting frenzy vying for attention,

Grabbing what little you have left.

In total awe for this new season,

This new year,

This new time for change, rejuvenation and light.

This new time,

With spring in bloom.