This remnant,
A piece found,
Unexpected, as I wanted my escape.
Gave up the burden.

Found my will,
Found a place,
Where I can go.

Spending some time,
In the summer sun.

A small remnant found,
When I thought it lost.

To try,
Even when it gets hard.
To, at least give it a try.

Nice day, productive, spent some time with friends in the sun and the local pub for a drink. Saw a friend, a nice one, maybe we’re meeting some time next week hopefully. Quite nice.


Reignite the flame,
A fire deep within,
The warm fire of my core,
To light my path.

Show the way,
A beacon of mine,
From within.
To reignite,
The flame running deep.

The world,
Bright among the midday sun.
The bright warmth.

A new day to come,
Weathering the storm, the winds to come.

This place,
A reigniting of the flame.
Place held dear.
Though the path may be unclear,
To reignite and shine my way,
Find it,
Make it.

Reignite the passion deep within.
The world brought whole.
The rumble as the path shakes clear.

The world,
My time.
A time. To reignite.

Has been a really good and productive day, started off a bit rough, remnants from last night. But seeing colleagues and all nice staff I’m privileged to work with. A lot of work done, a lot of thinking, ending the night watching a series I love, and a series that reminds me of someone completely amazing.

I wasn’t keen on the spin-off from the original I loved as a kid, but the last episode of the first season, got me feeling happy. Nice. And I know totally why this amazing person I know is into it.

Worth The Feeling

Worth the feeling
The wait, the time,
Worth it for the feeling,
Worth it for the briefest of times.
It was it,
Worth it,
For that time.

It was a could,
A potentiality,
The times that make the world shine,
Shine bright,
Those times, the world shines.

Bright as the morning rise.

For a mere moment,
A kindest smile.
A help.

A moment, life given,
Life made worth.


Worth the feeling.

Thinking, feeling, thinking, pondering. Thinking of life, times, feelings. How, everything can be perfect, in those smallest littlest things. Problems come and go, so do the most divine feelings, those, with the memories keeping them alive, so that they’ll never fade.

I’ve come so far, escaped such shit darkness, but, it gets better, bit by bit, a smallest moment can show it all. A true happiness. Only for a time, but until the next.

Also writing this watching a touching episode of The Walking Dead, not what you’d think, but still.

Written, hanging out, arranging to hang out with a friend, one, we started talking by random chance, a random comment, one time around Christmas. Feeling mixed today, but totally amazing right now.

Little Shine

Little shine,
A light at the end of the tunnel,
A little light found.
A time,
A kindness.

Trying. Ever so hard.
Trying, need to keep to the light.
Remember the kindness,
Always, to try,
To try, to care.

Trying, in peace.
Trying to ward away the darkness,
Bringers of horror, to ruin the day.

Trying to hold onto this little ray,
This little light so nice.
A little time, to be,
A little time,
Making things better,
Little by little.
Time by time.

I try,
I try to keep,
This little light alive.
Try to shine.

Always trying, to keep this little shine.

Everything’s a bit better, saw a friend, sat chatting, talking, was really nice. Has totally brightened my day without knowing.

It’s nice, these times, these small uneventful times.
It’s where the nicest memories, nicest people are found.

Giving everything else worth,
To remember these little times.

The Upturn

The upturn,
The day gone by,
The time.
The small things,
Ready for the new day.

Times over the horizon.
The upturn.
Those times.
Many waiting.
For the chance to be the present.

Those times, renewed.
To be.
A present, waiting their time.
Oh what an upturn I’ve found.
To be alive,
A beautiful symphony.

For all these times ahead.
The times to come.
A time to let the sunshine in,
To let the sun rise,
Over that horizon that was so far.
Now within reach.

The upturn waiting its shine.
Waiting its time now come.
A time that was ever in the waiting.

The upturn that has come.

Wrote this, thinking of this good day gone past. A friend, inviting me out, yet another good time ahead, better ready and able to appreciate it. The many good things, good times. So much. So good. So much in the making.

Golden End To The Storm

The golden end to the storm,

A shining light emerging from the tunnel.
Something to look forward to,
Something found after the dark.
Those kindest souls you find.
Out of nowhere.

Those moments finding the light.
A warm spring after the dark winter’s night.

The emergence.
New birdsong from after the cold frost.
What a new day.

Better days to come.
Taking one at a time.
Onwards to.
To the light.

I walking,
Into the light of the day.
The new day coming.

A beautiful shine as the sun rises,
Over those green grassy hills.

The time that always comes,
The shining sun that will always shine.

Let it live,
Let it shine.
Just keep hold.

The sun always shines,
On those kindest souls.
Just keep hold.
Claim your light from the darkness.
Like we all must.

Shelter that small flame,
Even as it dims,
Shelter it tight,
When faltering,
Lean on those kindnest souls,
Who always have your back.
Weather the storm and cold.

The flame flickering,
Until it turns into,
A fire bright as the sun.
Raging in kindness,
Warm sun shining.

That… is the golden end to the storm all encompassing.
Letting the sun shine from within.
Your flame fierce.
In care, kindness and humanity.

Flames to fight the cold away.
This… is the golden end to the storm.
Shining so brightly.

Writing this poem dedicated to my friend on MoodTrack, LonelyGirl19 for all the help, kindness and care. Always there for you. Kindness rewarded with kindness and care, for those golden humans.

Watching the Ghost Fade

Watching the ghost fade,
The places change form,
My mind moving yet also lingering.

Flashes before me,
Just below the sunlit sky.

Thinking, letting a past die,
Just leave,
End immediately.
Let me find peace.

The ghost fading, to a mere memory.
To nothing.

I stand here,
Going about my day,
The ghost fading before me,
Hoping for a fade to nothing.

Been more of a mixed day, but I’m okay, work good, my assessments all going well. Don’t really know if this is a storyesque poem or not.

Finding My Way

Finding my way in this open world.
The path unclear,
I’ll find my way.

Off I’ll find.
That golden sunset I’m looking for.
The warmth on my face.

The open door to my world.
Those crazy times to come.
Out in this open world.

The shared night,
Made so bright.
The path ahead.

On I go.
To make the path I seek.

Scaring the demons away.
Confidence unparalleled.
Strength to show.

Will to fight,
The demons away.
To claim my day.

To claim my life.
Claim my path.
Claim my way.

Open up my world.
Let the sky sing.

Off I go.
Making my way.

Finally Feeling

Finally feeling,
Finally feeling good,
Warm, nice and content.

A world of feeling.
Unable to explain.
The words escaping me,
The warmth of the sun, rising from the depths of night.
The happiness of a child, oblivious and free.
The freedom of an eagle, flying above all constraints.

I have found myself,
I have.
Finally feeling.

Finally free.
Running through all that stands in my way.
With care,
And happiness.

The moment of finding.
The moment of feeling.
The freeing nature of being.

The uncovering.
The escaping.
The kindness that comes with being,
When one is found, when one finds.

A long time coming.
Long-time in the waiting.
Content and along the path.
Making my own path.
Freeing and running.

Off I go.
In feeling.


Finally freeing.