How To Break From – Part 2: The Return

A path left open,
Another shines the light.
To give you reason.
To climb out of the darkest depths there are.

Not to give you life,
To give you strength,
To go grab it for yourself.

Shining on high.

With their own demons.
But able to shed light.
To pull another,
From their darkest depths.
To make a return.

A return to life,
A return to existence.

In the mere little moments.
A world in my eyes.
For giving me the smallest moment,
Is a break from…
The world of darkness.

The Angel of my eyes.
For giving me a chance,
For giving me.
Strength to make my return.


A poem, I wrote thinking of you, of how you helped me, more than you know, more than you’ll ever know.

I found my strength,
As you opened a hand out for me.
With a mere smile, a ‘hello’.
A kindness, I remember with all my heart.

Written 30/Oct/2017 1:50pm UTC – Unsure when I’ll publish this.

Momentous Beauty

Momentous beauty,
Caught in a mere moment.
The sun, glistening offbthw sea,
People all around,
The sea calm,
Breeze refreshing and ocean a deep blue.

A moment,
Caught up in beauty,
Stuck in a moment,
The time,
The world and how it encapsulates itself.
In a moment.
In momentous beauty.



Looking up,
Looking out,
Into the wide world to come,
A happy warmth, to be found.
Has graced me with its presence.
Provided me meaning.

The burning passion and fire,
That had been so close to dying.
Flaring up,
Into a bonfire of hope, happiness and determination.
To make my all worth it.
To make it through.
To drag others into the light, when lost in the dark.
Owing it to myself, to others,
Who have helped me.

Finally the light has come over the horizon.
A moment I never thought would come,
Even as I was always told.

A burning passion deep within me,
Finally being found.
Burning from the deep,
To reach on high.

To shake life to the core,
Make it mine,
To make it know me.

Finally, the happiness has come and reached me,
A hand reaching through into the darkness,
Plucking me out,
Dragging me out,
Saving me from the consuming darkness.

Finding myself on the outside,
Owing to continue the work.
Finally living in the light,
The bright warmth of day.
To push myself into darkness and try to pull others out.

The light shall guide me.
Save me from succumbing.
Shall save me from downing.

Finally, the light and warmth as my armour,
To fight away the darkness.
To move into the light.


It has come.

I have made it.

It has made me.


Blushing Excitement

Blushing excitment,
A wonderous feeling.

Butterflies in my stomach.
My mind rushing, racing and still.
A single image.
Single place.

Everything normal,
With a concurrent feeling.

Finding myself lost in the music.
Occasions where I stop. Think. Look up. And blush.

This blushing excitement,
Making the world warmer,
Making it lighter.

Such excitement, a blushing excitement, to be found, already found.

Words escape me,
How can I capture this feeling?
Words cannot describe,
Though I try.
The feeling.
Explained in images:

The warm orange of sunrise,
The deep purple of twilight,
A small young bird, looking out into the world.
Surrounded by friendly faces,
Caring people,
Feeling found.

An excitement for the future,
For what is to come.
What I desire to make.
To show, to shine and to live bright.

All through this blushing excitement.

Working Out

It all works out,
Being lost in the dark,
The flame,
Almost flickering out,
A cold icy breath,
Fighting to protect the last flame of light.

A fight of life,
The life, all to fight,
Life as a fight against darkness.

The warmth comes,
It all works out,
Worth the protection, worry and doubt.

To protect this precious flame.
This warmth of mine, of me.

This flame I hold,
Mine and of another,
Protecting, shielding and keeping.
It all works out.

This flame of mine,
Its beauty radiant,
Its warmth life-saving.
Precious, kind, little and fierce.

This flame of mine,
The night is coming.
Again, I’ll shield you,
Give you everything I have,
Give you my all.

For all you’ve given me,
My little flame.

It all works out.
My flame, in all your radiance, beauty.
It all works out.

Sunsets For Another Day

The sun sets for another day.
The light of a day, replaced by darkness,
A temporary state of affairs
Before the light of another day.

Before another renewed chance at being.
The mistakes of the past put behind,
The shroud of darkness.

The pink and orange sunrise,
The start of another day.

Goodbye and goodnight to the long darkness of the night.

A renewed day to come,

Reminiscing on the good memories.

Looking through those good moments,

Those meaningful photographs,

The reminder of your smile.

Sunsets into darkness,

To come to another day,

Just as when I met you.

Both of us forging our own way,

Sitting in the kitchen and chatting.

A renewal of being.

A placement of thought.

Ecstatic enthusiasm surrounding.

A totality of feeling.

Holding onto the reminder of those times,

Even as the sun sets yet again,

I go into the night happy,

Looking forward to what the new day brings,

To when I can see you again.

A text to brighten my day,

Wanting to hear about yours.

Until then? Sunsets come and go.

Yet another day is always on the horizon.

This Blissful State

The blissful path,
Open rays of light, touching my face,
The warmth of the summer sun,
The gentle breeze,
The silence and the sound.

The blissful path I walk,
The ‘real’ behind reality.
The simplicity of bliss,

Surrounding my every move,
In my moment,
Walking the blissful path.

Feeling content,
Building this path,
From the kindness and care of reality.
The warm sunlight,
Breaking through the clouds,
Bringing life to all.

The lush green leaves,
Outstretched in their relaxed glory,
Animals wandering,
The blissful state…
This blissful state.

Blissful simplicity,
Small happenings,
Dyed with golden shine,
Embued with happy feeling.

Time’s onward march,
Embracing the path,
My blissful path,
My blissful state I make myself.

Through this blissful state.

Future looking up

The future looking up,

The complex reality.

The bright days ahead,

Troubles to be faced,

To be overcome,

I will prevail.

Those times ahead,

For me to own,

For me to prevail, conquer and make my own.

To seize the day,

Form my path.

Looking bright,

In defiance of the darkness.

Untouchable by my demons.

Breaking free from the shackles of pain, uncertainty.

Making certain my path once drifting on sand.

To cement my path,

My reality.

Making certain what was shrouded by darkness.

Walking into the bright sunlight.

Untouchable by my darkness.

By living in the life,

Letting it fill me 

As the future looks up.

I rise claim it.

Out In The Sun

Out in the sun,

Warmth on my skin,

Light all around,

A cool drink in hand.

The warm summer sun,

All good, all content.

Outside and living life,

Using the summer sun,

The endless warmth.

The cool breeze.

That summer sun and all it provides,

Out in the sun.

Another day, another time.

Another warm day out in the sun.

From the day’s sun till the dead of night.

Out in the warm summer sun.

When the Rain Subsides

The rain subsides,
The calm resumes,
The rain gradually patters to a close,

The sun emerges from its long slumber,
Tears drift down one’s face,
As peace comes back,
The petrichor rises in the air,

The clouds float away,
Revealing a bright blue sky,
The radiant sun,

And another day.
Another light,
Another day to make mine,
Awoken from a dark slumber,

Refreshed and revived,

Not finding the summer winding path,
But knowing where to look.

Rain subsides and the sun comes out,
A sunny spring day,
After the dark winter,
The daylight shining after the darkest night.

A new day, my own, owned by me.
Mine for the taking.
And I will take it.

When the rain subsides