Remembering The Times

Remembering the times,

Those good days,

Always a place in my mind.

The thinking, memories and the times.

Left in the feeling.

Of those good times.

The memories and places once been.

The memories and thoughts,

An ever-present reminder.

Living in the present,

Waiting for the times ahead,

Remembering those good times gone past.

A collection of memories,

A life, all on shown before me, of me.

A pleasant reminder,

Remembering the times.

Out In The Sun

Out in the sun,

Warmth on my skin,

Light all around,

A cool drink in hand.

The warm summer sun,

All good, all content.

Outside and living life,

Using the summer sun,

The endless warmth.

The cool breeze.

That summer sun and all it provides,

Out in the sun.

Another day, another time.

Another warm day out in the sun.

From the day’s sun till the dead of night.

Out in the warm summer sun.

Reminder Of Me

A reminder of me,

Who I used to be,

Free eternal, unbound and unchained.

Free-thinking, a spirit in good health.

Loving life for the friends who’ve touched me,

Those who unknowingly saved me.

To those I would do the same.

To save, to walk the ends of the earth for,

Those kind few, who reminded me of me,

Me of who I was,

Me of the worth of living.

The escape from a horrid past,

The needless pain,

To those who confirmed,

Who backed,

Those who supported.

I hold you dear.

Dear to my soul.

Dear to my being.

Those who reminded me of who I am and who I need to be, should be, will be.

Little Moments of Love

Those little moments of love,

The little moments of kindness,

The warmth across my skin, the words of kindness and grace.

The warm embrace, in solidarity with the feeling,

Against the darkness.

To bring the humanity back to the feeling,

I yours,

And you mine.

The walk in the summer sun,

The laughs along the path.

The hand to hold.

Your heart to keep.

Your spell on me.

Yet another little moment,

One that means the world.

Down this path through the world.

Alongside you,

You never need to be alone with your demons,

I’ll stand by you,

These little moments of love.

I’ll face my demons so that you can face yours.

Just as you’ve been there for me.

Through those little moments of love.

Nothing Stopping You

The wall in my way,
Cleared away by my heavy hand.

The water parted by my will.

The truth rising from the sea of black,

The sun coming out from behind the dark figure,
Darkness disipating with screams and shouts,
My breaking through of all adversity.

Breaking out into the warmth of the light.

Breaking out into the life I want to live,
The life that’s good living.

Nothing will stand in my way,
Thrown to the side,
I will get it,
I will move past all troubles,

Bringing all my friends,
Picking them up, and carrying them.
Nothing will stand in the way of my will.

As there is nothing stopping you.

Your Sweet Compliment

Your sweet compliment,

Words to warm my soul,

Fill my heart with glee.

Make me feel wanted,


Cared about.

My, oh my, your sweet compliment,

Turns me spinning around,

High on excitement,

Gleeful and joyous.

I am sorry I cannot compliment you

Your presence is a compliment on life,

A reminder of the good.

No compliment an capture my feeling,

No words can say.

What I want to say,

To you.

Your sweet compliment.

Fills me with warmth.

Your sweet compliment.

Spending The Summer Sun With You

Spending the summer sun with you,

The way the sun glistens off your brunette hair,

The beauty of that summer sun,

Your radiant smile,

That cute laugh,

Warming me more than the summer sun,

Your gentle kindness,

Your passion, understanding,

Bringing me back,

Bringing me out.

You make me, the best of me.

Your emasculate eyes,

Light pools of blue,

I could swim and lose myself in them.

Your gentle skin,

A reminder of peace.

Problems fade into the daylight with you.

Life brightens with you.

Problems get solved.

It hurts to say bye,

When the summer sun fades,

The light shines through, for when we’ll share,

We’ll spend time in the summer sun,

With you.

In Love In Vain

In love in vain,

That feeling.

The warm smile you give,

The kind gesture,

That kind hand.

That warm smile,

Turns my world gold, that whole world warm and bejewelled, happy and bright and warm.

Totally lovely,

All good.

But I’m in love in vain.

I know.

But I love this,

Your warm, kind smile.

All good, all beautiful, all nice.

In love, in vain.

In love.

In vain.

Summer Warmth

That summer warmth,

Out in the wilderness,

Nothing to think about,
Living in the moment.
Living that moment.

All is good,
All is warm,
Warmth is good

Keeping together the excitement,
Keeping that summer warmth,

That summer sun,
Gently touching my skin,
Giving me warmth,
Showing me life,

Relaxing, yet real.
Real yet warm,
Warm but finite
Finite but a reminder of the world’s existence

The warmth available.

That summer warmth,
You show me,
What I often cannot see,
What I often ignore.

This summer warmth,
Lessons from life,
Of life.

Life of the summer’s warmth.

Giddy In Love

The sweet taste of your words,

The warmth of your care, how I want to hold you close,

Make you feel valued when alone,

Feel wanted when hurt.

The feeling of running around on the spot, energised by a quick word.

Wanting to laugh and cry-happy from the slight glance.

Questions into your life, a welcome sign of care.

One which you play in your mind over and over and over.

The beauty to be seen,

Kindness felt,

Warmth shared.


Am giddy in love.

This glee, is but part of the whole story.