Blowing of the Autumn Leaves

Blowing of the autumn leaves,
The whistling of the leaves,
The cold wind blows,
The dying-dead leaves,

By the wind,
Only to drift down,
Down and.
Fallen on the floor,
To be soaked by the autumn rain,
Waiting for the coming winter.

But not quite yet.
For now,
The autumn wind blowing.
The cool wind finding its way.
Into the confines of life.

Autumn leaves drying to a crisp,
The sounds underfood,
The rustling,
The sounds.

The autumn wind blowing away the leaves,
Before, a silence.

The blowing of the autumn leaves.

Watching As The Leaves Fall

Watching as the leaves fall,

Softly crunching on landing,

Floating forever,

Falling softly and gently.

Further and further.

Down an infinite spiral,

Into the sea of fallen leaves.

The end of a cycle waiting for renewal.

The death waiting for life,

The draining of entropy,

Waiting for something to bring it back to life.

And there I lie,

As the leaves fall,

As the colour fades,

As I close my eyes,

Waiting to drift off,

Among the cold autumn’s breeze.

To be taken away,

Far from here,

Adrift in the leaf’s breeze.

But here I lie,

Watching as the leaves fall,

The world does around me.

The trees fall,

The dead leaves embrace me.

And take me as we drift away.

Watching as the leaves fall.

Darkness of the Mind’s Eye 

Darkness of the mind,


Waiting to push you out 

Detoxify your corruption.

Break away and push you out.

Out of me,

Out of my mind.

Purge the darkness from my mind.

Set myself free.

From the talons of the dark presence.

Waiting to escape the torture of my mind.

Break free.

Climb the piercing mountain.

Swim the torrents of the sea. 

Fight the wind’s cold piercing embrace.

Escape the mind-death.

Escape the deadly embrace.

Sometimes I wish to give in.

Let the cold wind surround and snuff me out.

But until that moment.

I am trapped.

Within the darkness of the mind’s eye.